Monday, December 15, 2014

Virtual World Viewers : The newest FireStorm On Linux : MAJOR WebKit Issues : And Solving Them

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Your results may vary depending on which distribution or particular flavor of Linux is to your fancy, but for me the latest FireStorm was a major Pain In The Ass to install, and all because of WebKit !!!!!!!!

    I like FS, I love the features, and everyone on the team I have had the pleasure to meet are outstanding pioneers in their field, however this may well be the final straw for me, couple that with a lack of a new 64bit release, I'm really disappointed, not with the viewer itself. I have gradually gotten accustomed to the massive amount of user options available and can handle all that, add in the settings back up feature and leaving the total garbage CHUI chat hub where it belong's ( in a cave lost and far away from anyone sane ) it is by far the best in my personal opinion piece of software available for Virtual World exploration.

    So why am I gripeing ???? 

WEBKIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
problems continue to persist.

    I thought this issue would eventually be solved with the announcement a few months ago that WebKit would be dropped in favor of the Chromium rendering engine for web pages, at least on the official LindenLab viewers.

    Look everyone know's Linux is a mixed bag of tricks, you either learn it or use MS Windows, if you are not prepared to getting your hands dirty and figuring stuff out, go buy an Apple, done deal ! At least that way you will have a real operating system.

    Ok so lets get down to brass tacks here, why is this VW Viewer such a pain in the ass to get up and running properly ? Well it's simple not all Linux distributions have the necessary WebKit Libs installed, couple that with the fact that Linux is mostly 64bit now and the majority of Virtual World Viewers are still 32bit, and ya toss in a little bit of Ubuntu and Debian switching to Multi-Arch and SystemD, now we add hybrid Linux distro's using both Debian and Ubuntu repositories, plus KDE or Gnome or perhaps Cinnamon or Mate, things can tend to get a bit messy to say the least. If you are on Arch or RH, or a Gentoo based system some of the following advice may apply, but dont take my word for it, ya just gonna have to try it out for yourself.

     WebKit is a browser rendering subsystem that allows relatively seamless graphics on your screen or within a window. I am pretty sure it was originally conceived and implemented by Apple with the Safari web browser, sadly it is rather long in the tooth now, however all of the back end stuff needed in order for it to function properly is already built right into both Win XP on up and Apple OsX.

    With Linux you may not be so lucky, a good place to start in solving the dreaded WebKit_Media Failure dilemma on FireStorm just takes some patience and a lot of unnecessary time and checking out this FS Wiki page

    Thats just part of the story, and may or may not solve your problems.

MySelf I took a Brute Force approach and eventually ended up installing just about everything I could find with WebKit libs.

     It was a total Pain In The Ass !!! However it did eventually work, all I can say is I will more and likely stop using FS in the future.

JayR Cela :(

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