Wednesday, February 11, 2015

OpenSim / Hypergrid : Why Some Places May Risk Frying Your Graphics Card

By Avatar jayR Cela

    This issue is not just OS and HG related, my personal recommendation is to lower your Graphics settings before transporting onto another grid. Some of them are way too overloaded with inefficient Mesh and to somewhat a lesser extent Sculptie stuff.

    I have had several instances occur recently where my tried and true EVGA GTX560 has gone completely bonkers with  the fan accelerating to what I feel are unsafe speeds.

    Just saying, this seems to be due to the fact that a subject I have made mention of here several times about efficient design.  Mesh is complicated. Some people do not have the proper training, and ya cant blame them, everyone has to learn somehow or an other.

     However Blowing Up Your Video Card or Over Heating your Computer is a real concern.

JayR Cela

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