Thursday, August 6, 2015

Virtual Worlds and Windows 10 / meh :(

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Look I am not a Windows person / I have been using it since version 3.0 / it was crap then / is still crap now.

    However it currently is the most prominent Operating System for personal computers.

    I just did an (supposed) upgrade from a dual boot Win 7pro and KXStudio 14.04 Linux.

    For the most part it was rather smooth, took about 2 hours to complete, tripped out my video-driver, so that needed to be completely wiped, and for me this sort of thing is no big deal, but the average  user, I don't know...

    I got to hand it to them folks over there in Redmond , they are definitely on the right track.

    Should you do the UpGrade ??

    Personally I would hold off, until the free-bee upgrade offer is just about to expire.

     It's not ready for Prime Time !

JayR Cela

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