Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Stream Service For SecondLife / Who Give's a Crap ?

OK I am in a pessimistic mood today,

     In regards to the new fangled speed up your SL experience ploy, let me ask you this question ?

You spend an extra 10$ or so a month, to have a faster experience in the dying Virtual World SecondLife, because your computer is to old, however if you save the extra 10$ or so a month over  the course of a year, more and likely you can pick up one of the numerous MINI Computers from HP, IBM, Asus.......

    For about 150$ to 200$ U.S.

     Evan with the Intel graphics built in or the AMD APU's / these things rock Bigg Time.

So this pay me extra $$$ to get a faster virtual world experience is a complete waste of your time and money.

    Hold on a sec I gonna put on my Tin Foil Hat. Give me a break / this is just a laughable as SLGO

JayR Cela

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