Thursday, October 1, 2015

HyperGrid : OpenSim : An OpenSim-centric Viewer : Finally ! : The Alchemy Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I have been calling out for this for a while now, and finally someone is actually doing it. I'm talking about a a Third Party Viewer that is being designed with OpenSim in mind first and foremost, and not SecondLife. I am taking a quote from their web page / I hope Cinders does not mind :_)

( " With this release of Alchemy, we bring you full OpenSimulator support written from the ground up and are proud to say we will support OpenSim as a first class platform on par with our Second Life support. Much of the past month has been spent in communication with the OpenSimulator team not only to bring our viewer up to speed and inline with their platform, but to help squash compatibility bugs with their protocol, and it doesn't stop there. Our goal is to be the forerunner for new features and protocol helping OpenSim go places it hasn't be able to go before having been burdened by rigid viewer design and bound to the Second Life protocol by the viewer. We are committed to breaking new ground with OpenSim. That said, this is the first release of a brand new OpenSim implementation, so there's bound to be bugs. Remember what I said about about bug reports? Send them in! We love it." )

    Amen !! to that, it's an extremely bold statement of commitment to the OpenSim community, and I will urge you to please take the time to check it out and file bug report's and get involved if you can.

    A new branch of the open source SL viewer being designed from the ground up for OpenSim is something I have been calling for for a while now. My experiences with it so far have been mixed, admittedly I confess to only having a total 15 or 20 minutes logged so I can not really express any sort of feelings one way or another yet. There is one feature I think every one has been waiting for since forever ( lol ) the ability to adjust you VRam beyond the 512mb limit, Yay! :_)))   

JayR Cela :_)

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