Saturday, October 3, 2015

Older Computers and OpenSim / HyperGrid : Dump Windows and Install Linux

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Here I go again : to all the folks out there wasting their money on things like Bright Canopy the streaming service for virtual worlds, wake up please. The extra $15 or so a month you are spending can easily be saved, and over the course of a year you will have $180 to spend on a new mini computer by HP, Dell, Acer, evan Intel and many others are readily available, and the prices continue to decrease every month.  For those concerned about the integrated graphics on these low priced box's, both Intel and AMD have made fantastic advances in recent months with the graphics capabilities, and they come with Windows 10

    In the mean time your old computer can easily be retro-fitted with Linux, Ubuntu or one of its derivatives are your safest bet. UbuntuStudio is a fantastic choice, it has everything you can possibly want or need to accomplish most anything conceivable within OpenSim / HyperGrid.

  JayR Cela

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