Thursday, June 30, 2016

OpenSim : Alchemy Viewer : I Have A Major Gripe : No OpenSim LogIn's By Default

By Avatar JayR Cela

   I have a Major Gripe with the Alchemy Viewer Team, for a group of people that claims to be developing a Viewer geared towards OpenSim, then why the Hell ain't there no OpenSim Log-Ins listed in the default installation, damm they could at least have included OSGrid in the default Grid Manager, how hard would that have been to add ?

    All I see is log into SL or SL-Beta Grid / WTF ??????
    What's wrong with this picture here ????
    They claim to be dedicated to OpenSim, but there is no way to access it it with the standard install        routine, you have to manually add it afterwards, this is inexcusable, and a huge mistake on their          part.

    I really like the Alchemy Viewer, it's a lean and a mean fighting machine. I admit is is lacking of some features I currently enjoy with Singularity, and don't even get me started on the CHUI chat, IM Interface they have chosen to use. It is a completely ass backwards confusing mess, a total disaster that came from some not so brilliant minds when Linden Lab decided to farm the project out to a bunch of people I have little respect for. I won't name them here, because they Blew It, and they know it. That's why you never see them around any longer.

     As a person that has totally lost faith in Linden Lab, and SecondLife, and the up coming Project Sansar ( Who the Hell want's to wear something the size of a skin diving mask on their head  ) just to socialize and experience a virtual world. I mean really, I'm asking you, have you tried any of these ridiculous gizmo's, I'll admit there is an immediate WOW factor, that will soon wear off as the sweat on your forehead and the discomfort of the headband and weight of the device starts to drive you crazy enough to the point that you eventually go back to using a plain old reliable monitor. But that's besides the point.

   The Team Alchemy needs to get a grip on what OpenSim users are all about, and that's not SecondLife or cow-towing to LindenLabs whims any longer.

JayR Cela  

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