Saturday, July 2, 2016

OpenSim : Windows10-or-Ubuntu16.04 ? Their Both Excellent Choices

By Avatar JayR Cela
     Windows10 besides the unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) is rock solid under the hood, with tons of excellent features, I would steer clear of the Home edition, and go for the Pro version, and hey it is still a free-bee for the rest of July 2016, after that it will cost you $$ about $120.00 US , if you have not upgraded yet this is your last chance to do it for no cost "FREE" , another good reason is that soon Win10 will be everywhere ( mostly )

    Linux, and I'm talking Ubuntu-Debian, on the other hand is very versatile and that's how I learned Linux comfortably, the later Ubuntu, is so easy anyone can make it work, Mint Linux a very successful  fork is really a great choice for new-bee's,  a number of folks prefer the Red Hat, Fedora based  distributions, they are both excellent choices. I have to stress here, support can become a major issue if you are a new to Linux, if that's your case then an Ubuntu 16.04. or 14.04  based distro is your best bet, Fedora in my opinion is geared more towards experienced users. 

    Both of these operating system environment's work in my opinion just as well as the other,  you just use what you feel comfortable with, in the end game, it all works out to be the same thing,  depending upon how much support you need.

JayR Cela :_)

P.S.   Hi there, you will notice I deliberately left out MacOS or OSX, simply because I do not own a Mac, and quite frankly I know just enough to operate them.


Lord said...

Hehehe.....and now...LL has decided not to support SLVoice for Linux...recommending that Linux users use WINE and the SLVoice for Windows.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Lord, wow I had not heard this before / I really don't spend much time in SL anymore / I wonder what triggered that decesion ? / I have tried several times to get a SL/OS compatable viewer to work under WINE and or PlayOnLinux / did not have to much luck:_) here is something that may come in handy for people wanting to try

if you are using an Ubuntu or Debian based system that will keep you at the most current staging version.

Thanks for your comment

JayR Cela :_)

Lord said...

The trigger being that Vivox itself has stopped supporting Linux and Oz doesn't want to spend any development time on it on LL's end...they will concentrate on Windows and Mac implementations of the SL Viewer for the future,and MAYBE a Linux implementation if it doesn't require much development.This was all in the latest TPV Developers meeting : ... d-meeting/ ... -2016-w28/