Friday, September 2, 2016

Open Sim : Working on a Community Build Project : Sign a Contract

By Avatar Jay R Cela

    Look here I am an opinionated bastard sometimes / if ya don't like it, then no sense in listening to my rant's any longer. Working on a Grids Community project build, only to find out once you have reached completion, all of your editing right's have been stripped from you is a monumental slap in the face.

    My advice is to have everyone involved accept a signed contract.

 I am extremely upset with a certain Grid, I will not name here, due to professional reason's / but I am pissed off / BIGG TIME !!

    I feel I have been slapped in the face for all the work I did, only to have it yanked from my grasp for future development.

    In the long run it is OK / I have copies of my work distributed on multiple OpenSim grid area's I reserve for all of my builds as works in progress.

   So the joke will be on the people that had the disrespect for my time spent and at no charge to them, as I am about to release it into the wild as a Free-bee

JayR Cela


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