Thursday, October 6, 2016

OpenSim : HyperGrid and the Unity3D Game Engine v5.5 now available on Linux Platforms

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Good news for all of us Linux content creators in OpenSim, the highly successful Unity3D game engine is not only useful for creating user content for the OpenSim platform, it is also available for Linux, though you would not know it from browsing through the companies official web site.

    Currently you either need to sign up and request membership in a somewhat closed (open) developers beta, or simply go to this official Dev. web page, be sure to scroll down to the bottom in order to download the most current release, as it stands right now the 5.5.0b5 , Build # 20160927 : release date Sep 28, 2016 is the most up to date. My understanding is that it is on-par with the Windows version, however it uses Mono in place of C# / of course javascript  a universal developer scripting tool ( not to be confused with Oracle's Java language ) is built in as well.

    The officially supported installer is intended for Ubuntu based distro's only, there is an unsupported installer for other Linux platforms as well. The Ubuntu version will only install properly via the Gdebi package installer, if you are a Kubuntu or KDE user the Qapt installer seems to just choke and not complete the installation process properly.

    Here is the link to the download.

    I should mention that until this morning I was not even aware that people were using Unity3D for OpenSim development, but thanks to Shin Ingen, the famous Bullet physics master scripter's OpenSim Virtual Google+ post.

 Thanks Shin

JayR Cela :_)

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