Monday, October 17, 2016

OpenSim : Hypergrid : The Call for a New Viewer : Good or bad Idea ? Tear Off Window Support : A Must !!

By Avatar JayR Cela

    OK let me start off with this, I fail to understand why we do not have tear off windows, for crying out loud if someone can't solve this issue. Then you may as well stick with the spaghetti code.

    This issue has been explained to me by a friend that sometimes comment's here upon my rambling nonsense, and why it can not be done.

     If thats the case, then dump the code and move forward, the new seemingly movement towards a HTML Browser based viewer is just insane. Without building capabilities, that's not good.

    A New Viewer can turn out to be a total nightmare.

     It is totally someone not getting something together that the current viewer's being developed do not have Tear Off Window support. Come on, who is running this Bozo Show ? Every single program in the world has tear off window support.

      So we either fix it, or let it Rest In Peace.

JayR Cela


Lord said...

Well, here is the developer who came up with tear-off windows in a SL viewer and had a working version of it for a short while:

In essence it resembles the start up of multiple viewers, though each one other than the main one could be a limited capability viewer...still, it would mean a separate renderer being started up with each new window torn off.

It may be time to re-explore such a possibility now that the internet standards are somewhat stable..a problem that he said would need to be resolved before trying to make such a viewer again.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Lord,

Thanks again for taking the time to comment and pass along Jonathon Ballard's post.

An interesting read, to say the least. So it is possible, was just not practical back in 2010. I always look forward to reading your response's to my off the wall rant's.

JayR Cela :_)