Tuesday, April 4, 2017

OpenSim Hypergrid : Gloebits Universal HyperGrid Currency : It's Time for Serious Consideration

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I must start out by saying I am not directly involved with Gloebits beside having recently established an account for intergrid purchasing power of OpenSim-HyperGrid content. I think on the surface it is an excellent idea, how it will work out who knows, it is an exciting prospect. I think it's about time to consider the inevitable, if the HyperGrid id going to survive it needs a way to exchange commerce between grids besides the Kitely Market Place. Believe it or not some folks just love to go out exploring and shopping, I know I do. Buying from a catalog is great, it's convenient. It's also quite boring, :_) I enjoy walking and flying around just to marvel at the depth of creativity taking place within the OpenSim Metaverse.

    From what I have been reading lately SecondLife is loosing Sim's on a month to month basis at an alarming rate, and the steady decline may soon be irreversible. Lets face it, running a Server Farm is expensive, and LL blew it big time years ago by not embracing what it had helped to create. I believe Project Sansar will be a total FLOP right out of the gate. Ebbie Linden will be relieved of his job, and a new narrow minded person shall be put into place in order to continue the stupidity.

    GloeBits on the other hand offers a unique opportunity for the HyperGrid to unite into what is it's ultimate destiny. One Gigantic intertwined and massive Grid, capable of sustaining most small Real Life country's with the amount of incoming and outgoing trade commerce. Will it be GloeBits ? Who knows, this could turn out to be another disaster similar to the screwball idea a year or so back, the name of that ill fated project eludes me right now, BrightHouse Canopy or something or other. But basically it was doomed to be a flop from the get go, supposedly it allowed you to pay extra RL $ to have a 3rd party stream the SL Client to your IP address. Total Failure, and a number of people suddenly found themselves with nothing more than a pipe dream, and an extra bill on their Credit Card or PayPal bill.

    GloeBits is different, it does not promise something unachievable and although the idea is a lofty one, and in my opinion just as brilliant as the Kitley Market Place, it is certainly worth consideration along with deep scrutiny, as well. In the mean time it seems to be establishing a rather firm foothold in some of the more recognized minor grids. Please see this link listed below.


JayR Cela :_)

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