Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The OpenSim Power Boat Association : A Few Setbacks : And Moving Forward

By Avatar jayR Cela

     Hi there all folks interested in Hydroplane racing in OpenSim, I have had a few set backs with my plans, but nonetheless, I am moving forward, Bill Blight from OpenSimLife Grid has donated some server space for an ubODE Var sim, it is Gigantic, and a complete trip to check out. The ubODE Physics model really stands out here as any physical contact with another object results in a very realistic reaction, in other words you can do irreparable damage to your boat. Haaa ! It is a Blast.

    TheKazGrid, one of our servers is currently down, so I am rebuilding on another one that has 3 of my Sims, for right now we will be using Bullet to connect to various other Sims and everything seems to be working well.

    3rdGrid I have a place there and with the help of resident Eldovar Lamilton have an Auto Delete version of the MadCat 1, this is a huge Var Sim and seems to be rather slow, also you can not rezz your own boats at this location.

    The really kool thing about TheKazGrid and OpenSimLife is that anyone is able to rezz their own boats for testing.

    The OpenSim HyperGrid Jump Address's will be coming soon.

JayR Cela :_)

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