Monday, December 15, 2014

Virtual World Viewers : The newest FireStorm On Linux : MAJOR WebKit Issues : And Solving Them

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Your results may vary depending on which distribution or particular flavor of Linux is to your fancy, but for me the latest FireStorm was a major Pain In The Ass to install, and all because of WebKit !!!!!!!!

    I like FS, I love the features, and everyone on the team I have had the pleasure to meet are outstanding pioneers in their field, however this may well be the final straw for me, couple that with a lack of a new 64bit release, I'm really disappointed, not with the viewer itself. I have gradually gotten accustomed to the massive amount of user options available and can handle all that, add in the settings back up feature and leaving the total garbage CHUI chat hub where it belong's ( in a cave lost and far away from anyone sane ) it is by far the best in my personal opinion piece of software available for Virtual World exploration.

    So why am I gripeing ???? 

WEBKIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
problems continue to persist.

    I thought this issue would eventually be solved with the announcement a few months ago that WebKit would be dropped in favor of the Chromium rendering engine for web pages, at least on the official LindenLab viewers.

    Look everyone know's Linux is a mixed bag of tricks, you either learn it or use MS Windows, if you are not prepared to getting your hands dirty and figuring stuff out, go buy an Apple, done deal ! At least that way you will have a real operating system.

    Ok so lets get down to brass tacks here, why is this VW Viewer such a pain in the ass to get up and running properly ? Well it's simple not all Linux distributions have the necessary WebKit Libs installed, couple that with the fact that Linux is mostly 64bit now and the majority of Virtual World Viewers are still 32bit, and ya toss in a little bit of Ubuntu and Debian switching to Multi-Arch and SystemD, now we add hybrid Linux distro's using both Debian and Ubuntu repositories, plus KDE or Gnome or perhaps Cinnamon or Mate, things can tend to get a bit messy to say the least. If you are on Arch or RH, or a Gentoo based system some of the following advice may apply, but dont take my word for it, ya just gonna have to try it out for yourself.

     WebKit is a browser rendering subsystem that allows relatively seamless graphics on your screen or within a window. I am pretty sure it was originally conceived and implemented by Apple with the Safari web browser, sadly it is rather long in the tooth now, however all of the back end stuff needed in order for it to function properly is already built right into both Win XP on up and Apple OsX.

    With Linux you may not be so lucky, a good place to start in solving the dreaded WebKit_Media Failure dilemma on FireStorm just takes some patience and a lot of unnecessary time and checking out this FS Wiki page

    Thats just part of the story, and may or may not solve your problems.

MySelf I took a Brute Force approach and eventually ended up installing just about everything I could find with WebKit libs.

     It was a total Pain In The Ass !!! However it did eventually work, all I can say is I will more and likely stop using FS in the future.

JayR Cela :(

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SecondLife : The Lab Want's You To Help Make SL A Better Place : What Happened To SL2 ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    The recent announcement that SL will now become a more open to suggestion kinda virtual world place with the new So Called Suggestion page is laughable at best, this idea has been stuffed into a dark hole for 10 years, and now it emerges as something new and wonderful for all to behold ? 

Give me a break, what the hell happened to SL2 is it now dead ?

JayR Cela :(

Sunday, December 7, 2014

SecondLife : My 9 Year Anniversary : Hang Out Together Tonight With Myself and Cathy

By Avatar JayR Cela

    For me it will be 9 years in SecondLife

    Today at 4:30pm PCT I will be celebrating my 9 year anniversary together with Cathy Jackson in SecondLife at our Mallard River Front Home on the Mainland area of SL. If you would like to stop by and say hello  we are looking forward to meeting you. Also you can pick up a free full perm copy of our house, and textures are included in the root prim.     Mallard (16,30,25)

I'm not sure if SLUR's are working correctly, if not a simple cut and paste in your Nearby Chat window should produce a working TP location.

So come on over and hang out if ya like.

JayR Cela :_)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Virtual World Client Software Developer ~ Kokua : Releases First Open Sim Specific Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

     The Kokua Viewer, a virtual world client software program has a new viewer being specifically developed for Open Sim and it's counterpart(s) VW Server projects. Although you can still use this new software fork to enter SecondLife, I'm not sure why you would want to.


    As stated in their Blog post announcing the new release, developer NickyP hint's that although based on the current Linden Lab SecondLife viewer 3.7.8.x, some features have been cherry picked while others specifically intended to compliment recent enhancements relative to new SL server features are intentionally being left out of the picture for this, and future releases.

    I had a chance to briefly take Kokua 3.7.81.x for a test run, and although you will probably have to take a more indepth look around than myself to uncover any noticeable differences between it and it's SL intended counterpart 3.7.8.x I found it to work flawlessly for accessing a large number of preset Open Sim grid login location options, and with the supplied Grid Manager being extremely easy to use, adding additional grids for exploration is straight forward and simple, probably the best implementation I have seen yet.

    Another welcome feature I personally appreciate is the old keystroke macro Ctrl+Alt+F1 used in most all TPV's and the Labs own SL viewer to hide HUD's and the User Interface has been enhanced with the additional choice of Ctrl+Shift+U instead. If you are a Linux user I am sure this one feature alone could be worth either making a switch in your choice of prefered client software, or at least giving it a test run for the money.

    Ctrl+Alt+F1 in the Linux world of Desktop Environment's ( GUI's  all versions ) is an exit key combo ( macro or key binding shortcut ) for leaving your Graphical User X-screen Interface behind, giving you a straight Full Screen Command Line terminal generally used for troubleshooting purposes. Ctrl+Alt+U as an option is very nice touch and long overdue improvement in my mind. There are other little extra things unique to this viewer making it a great choice for Open Sim exploration. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows, you can read more about it here and grab a download while your at it.

JayR Cela :_)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Virtual Worlds : Filming Graphics Quality on Linux : Screen Tearing Issues : Doing Battle The Easy Way : 2 Simple Rules

By JayR

    Dealing with screen tear while panning a scene for a Machinima or Presentation shot using Linux as your production ( pre ~ post ) OS environment can either make or break your entire day's worth of work. There is no need to pull your hair out, following 2 simple rules does not require your full understanding of the issues involved, a fairly basic procedure and easy routine to get into the habit of performing will easily do the trick.

     Power Consumption and Compostingthat's it ! This may sound funny to people coming from the Windows crowd, both of these issues are usually handled by MicroSoft's DirectX api. and rarley present a problem. Mac's I have only used for audio production, not much experience in the Video department, however both the OSX and Linux api. for graphics system calls is OpenGL, the same as is used in a number of Virtual World Type Enviornments. ( Open Sim, SecondLife client software and cross platform Video Games...... )

    Chances are you will be dealing with either AMD ATI or Nvidia hardware, and who knows what Linux distribution or desktop enviornment you may be using. This should make little difference, your only concearn is the two basic underlying conditions, power consumption and composting ( or ) PCaC
    rule #1 : Allways adjust for Maximum Preformance Mode Power Consumption, in other words turn off all power saving features in the Video Driver(s) Control Panel settings OFF !! ( my current KDE and Nvidia enviornment is displayed below )

    Open your X Server Settings, then adjust the OpenGL Image quality to the maximum performace level allowed, repeat this procedure for your power usage as well.

    rule #2 : Get used to having to fiddle around with the various Composting options available to you. That being said, get to the access point of your System Desktop Settings Control Panel and locate the Desktop Effects area of adjustment.

    Look around for an Advanced tab, and make several adjustments to the Composting Type of OpenGL being used 1.x ~ 2.x ~ 3.x and best suiting your needs ( dissregarding  XRender alltogether )

       Next choose the OS graphic display sub system ( usually GTK ~ QT or X ) at this point, 90% of the time it will be "Native" to the sub system, "Raster" has more specific purposes I will not be discussing here.


    Moving right along to your Scaling method adjustment. ( in my case Crisp, Smooth or Accurate ) ~  ( where as Smooth does just what you think it would ).

    OK VSync is next, ( Screen Tearing Prevention ) Vertical Sync is important, I can not strees this enough. My advice is to just use common sense here.


    For that matter, performing all of the above and then running a few short tests by panning with your camera view controls horizontaly back and forth several times, should allow you to see noticeable differences in moving image content quality.


    Last but not least of your concerns is your main Control Panel's, Power Management section,
sometimes referred to as Energy Saving ), never forgetting the goal is not saving electricity, on the contrary we want as much juice as we can get.  You should also take a look at your Rig's BIOS as well, kill all functions that conserve power. My last bit of advice is to use some sort of heat sensor monitoring app during the testing procedure and your actual usage.

    Trail and error, a bit of patience, and within a short period of time you will be a Pro / LOL I just had to toss that in there :_)

    As with most things in the Linux world, you can more than likely automate the process with a few simple scripts. Once you have settled upon your best setting's per usage requirements it's just depends on the user, and what they ( you ) want, and feel comfortable with.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Virtual World Linux Users : 32bit Support Is Back on Ubuntu =>14.04 Based 64bit Distro's ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok so according to the title of this post, 32bit compatibility is back in the 64bit Ubuntu Based Linux world of things, so what does that mean ? To a number of people absolutely nothing, unless of course you just so happen to be using one of the SecondLife Third Party Viewers that just so happen to offer both 32 and 64bit flavors for download.

    Well up until just recently if your travels, or adventures in the Linden Lab virtual world of SecondLife, and you are a Linux user, and require the use of physic's ( boating, aircraft flying, auto racing, motor biking, sporting event's etc... ) and are on an Ubuntu or Debian offshoot distribution, and using 64bit, you were SOL trying to take advantage of the built in Havok Physic's engine which currently as licensed and implemented by LL is 32bit only. Forcing you to use the non Havok 64bit version of said TPV(s)

    Ubuntu stopped supporting the old ia32libs in the 64bit release's back around version 12.10 or 13.04, they also switched to a new lib and update structure ( MultiArch & SystemD ) unfortunately things did not work out very well at first, quite a few 32bit programs simply refused to run. To make a long story short, the other night i noticed a rather large number of 32bit libs being added during a routine update procedure, being curious I decided to take another stab at running the UkanDo TPV for SecondLife, ( a 32bit only viewer ) low and behold it actually worked, FireStorm, Singularity, Kokua, CoolVL and LL's official viewer all worked as well, where as the last time I tried ( just a week ago ) nothing, nadda, zip zilch. What really surprised me was I have not read anything about this issue in a while, at least since the initial uproar from within the Ubuntu community forums last year.

    As a side note I should mention that I am not on Pure Ubuntu 14.04, I use KXStudio 14.04 a hybrid that combines both Ubuntu and Debian repositories, ( soon to be a straight Debian distro sometime early next year ) so your results may be different than mine.

JayR Cela

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Virtual World MetaVerse : Stirring Up Controversy Is A Good Thing

By Avatar JayR Cela

   I can not express my feelings any more strongly.

    When I started this blog I had a different outlook on everything.

     I have always tended to upset a few folk's from time to time. And I like doing it. Ya gotta remember something, not everyone can think of everything, there is always another and possibly better idea just right around the corner.

    Stirring up the MetaVerse, and ruffling a few feather's from time to time is ? U Tell Me

JayR Cela

SecondLife1 : No Official 64bit Version Ever ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ya know when I first started to hear the TPV developer NiranV just say the hell with 32bit, it's a 64bit world now. I thought he was a bit off, and kinda crazy. Boy was I wrong.

    So let's take a step back and look at the single reason why.

    The 32bit Havok physics engine, apparently it is now available in a 64bit flavor for Windows and Mac's, perhaps Linux very soon as well. Why not just dump it in favor of something more versatile and without an outrageously expensive licence agreement. ( Bullit Physic's comes to mind )

    I seriously doubt if that is going to happen, ya see there is something very important to take into account, SL is winding down.

    Oz Linden, by far the most engaged person I have had the pleasure to meet in SL, and I do count him as a friend in this Virtual World, has done a tremendous job pushing the existing platform to the max.

    But I gotta say this, if he say's it's not gonna happen, it's not gonna happen.

JayR Cela

Internet Life In The United States : Time To Reel In The Greed Of The Monopolies !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Although the US is considered to be a very advanced country within the high technology industry. Why and the HELL IS IT, we have Bottom of the Barrel and Sky High Prices for internet access ?
    It is because the entire country has been subdivided into regional monopolistic mini internet access portal kingdoms. If our so called Leaders, Congressional or otherwise are so ignorant as to not realize this simple fact, they are either bought off, or just plain stupid and should not be holding even a burger flipping job. I am continuing to be dumbfounded by the total lack of interest or concern.

    I guess that just goes to show you the, the majority of people in a position of power, already have theirs and screw everyone else. So they don't give a Rat's Ass about anything besides getting re-elected and retaining cushy jobs requiring very little intelligence, just wide open pocket books, and no concept of empathy, morality, nor desire to actually change things for the betterment of anyone besides the largest corporate contributors to their re-election campaigns.

JayR Cela

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Virtual Worlds : Open Sim and SecondLife : To Mesh ~or not to~ Mesh : Your Builds or Fashion Designs ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

   This is a question without a direct answer, it really depends upon who has done the design intended to be imported into the desired virtual world. My math skills and graphic art's capabilities are almost nonexistent so I wont even go there. However during some recent investigative research I seem to be running across the same issue's.

    It is a lack of proper training required in order to obtain the optimal effect along with low resource consumption. Obviously this is fairly math intensive, and requires a keen understanding of the involved skill set.

    My personal advice would be to read up on the numerous post's by Inara Pey, and Natales Urriah's outstanding exploration's into dealing with many of the in's and out's of advanced Virtual World Content Creation. You will have to do a bit of searching on these site's, but the information you may need is probably there, check em out @

JayR Cela :_)