Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kirsten's - S (20) Build (35) version of the SecondLife (R) Viewer2 "AWESOME !"

  I found myself spending a good portion of the weekend toying around with the Kirsten S(20) Build (34) version viewer based on the Linden Lab V2. I was very pleased with my findings, including but not limited to a new light blue color scheme skin. (Azure)
                  "Quite a bit more pleasant, and much easier on the eyes"

    I was just about to write a stellar review when I noticed Kirsten was on-line. I decided to say hello, and was told that Build(35) was just about ready to ship within the next hour or two. Several much desired changes had been added, one of them being a 5 to 10 FPS increase in the mid to high level graphics settings. Deciding it would be worth the wait, I checked my current FPS, and went off to run a few RL errands.
  After a brief and totally intelligent installation ( the install routine has been redone, and completely removes all traces of the previous installation ) "nice touch". I fired the new viewer up and immediately checked the FPS, sure enough there was definitely a 5 to 10 FPS increase. I started to poke around the menus, and was unable to locate the run Dual Threads check box. Kirsten was still on line so I asked if it had been moved to a a different area. Apparently there is no longer a need to manually check this option, as the code has been modified to properly detect your hardware and adjust itself accordingly "another nice touch"
  We chatted for a bit and was informed that this is a quick interim build, some enhancement's and bug fixes. . In the mean time however S(20)-(35) now includes, not only Hitomi Tiponi's StarLight enhancements, some open surce code by Katherine Berry ( AjaxLife programing fame ) has been added and Ana Lutetia with here renown  Photo WindLight settings as well.

This should  result in superior snapshot opportunities  for SL photographers. There is also a new feature allowing Machinima filmmakers to switch off script particles.

      I have been following the Kirsten viewer since long before I reinstated this Blog. The small amount of time between release's, is almost mind boggling. Kristen's S(20) series has somehow managed to take a ill conceived product that clearly never should have been released, and managed to transform it into a Viewer I finally  feel comfortable recommending to a number of friends and new acquaintances.
                        Even if I am not a full time V2 user :_)

I am looking forward to a full review of S(20)-(36) with the extra goodies real soon *grins*

JayR Cela :_)

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