Monday, August 23, 2010

SecondLife (R) Emerald Viewer & the Drama Queens

  Ok I just have to say this, I have worked with computers on a daily basis since the Atari 800. There is no basis that I can find of malicious code, Mal ware, Trojans, Virus's. This is all nonsense. I use PC's Windows XP and & 7, Linux, several differnt flavors, Ubuntu, RedHat, Gentoo, Mac OSX..........

  I have been using Emerald, since it was first introduced, it's not going to eat your cat, starve your puppy, or do anything detrimental, to your files, or steal information from you, that is not already easily available to people foolish enough to do their banking online.

  This whole thing has become a weekday mid afternoon soap opera. When I want to build in SL, I use Emerald, or Imprudence ( see my review tomorrow ) When I just want to have fun, hang out with my partner Cathy, I use Kirsten's with Starlight.

   The entire thing, is just getting to the point of being childish, these people are very talented coders, with huge Ego's. And in this business, its common. Don't bash them, but also do not feed their Ego's. Simply use the SL viewer that you like, and have fun enjoying your SL


Hitomi Tiponi said...

'were talented coders' may be more accurate. Katherine, LordGregGreg and Chalice have all left. Fractured hardly bothered with Emerald anyway. They still have Lonely Bluebird but he is more interested in his other, more dubious, activities. And 'spin queen' Arabella, who is now in charge, is not a techie at all. I believe a couple of them still can do decent code - but look at the last beta that they withdrew, it was so buggy - they are on a slippery downhill slope.

But Emerald do have a good promotional machine.

JayR Cela said...

Well, LordGregGreg has a site I stumbled across this morning. And issued a new viewer, EMERGENGE

It's Windows only