Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SecondLife (R) Imprudence Weekly Build 08-07-2010

  Ok last week I reported on the Imprudence 1.3.xx RC having stuttering problems on 2 different computers and 2 operating systems. Windows XP Home SP3 and Umbuntu 10.04. Now I seem to be torn between the available SL viewers. For some reason I just cant seem to fully embrace Viewer 2 yet, Kirsten and Hitomi have made vast and wide ranging improvements. And if you are a V2 user I highly recommend both. Maybe I just don't like change very much. reminds me of politicians, that say we need change in government, we elect them and everything stays the same, the lobbyist's still run the show.
  So I guess all I can say, is that I will wait for V2 to mature to the point that V1 has. If your looking for the best V1 viewer out there, then Imprudence is definitely worth a download, it run on Windows 7 ( you may need to set compatibility mode to Vista ) Mac OSX, and all versions of Linux 32, and 64 bit ( 64 bit may give you some problems with audio ) ( and I have never been able to get in world TV viewing to work on any Linux build )   Lol, that being said, if i want to watch TV, I certainly not going to do it in SL, besides the Treet TV fashion channel I find watching TV in SL to be a total waste of time.
  So lets digg down into this newest Imprudence build. I was just talking with McCabe and he was saying that they are using the latest SnowGlobe 1.5 libs, or rendering engine. I think it may be time for LL to either abandon Viewer 2, or fire the V2 development staff, and get back on track with Philips vision / SnowGlobe.
           [06:41 AM]  JayR Cela: hi there McCabe / i been using your latest weekly build the stuttering problem is gone now
[06:41 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: woo!
[06:41 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: good to know the cause then :)
[06:41 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: I did some different build trickery with the weekly this time
[06:42 AM]  JayR Cela: well it worked
[06:43 AM]  JayR Cela: i been bounceing around between Kirstens and your's / and as much as I would like to imbrace Viewer 2 / I still dont care for it very much........
[06:43 AM]  JayR Cela: i see your still on 1.23.5.xx code base .........
[06:44 AM]  JayR Cela: any plans to migrate to SnowGlobe 1.4 ?
[06:48 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: we're already using snowglobe 1.5's rendering engine
[06:48 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: and most of the patches from SG
[06:49 AM]  JayR Cela: oh really / may I qoute you on this in my Blog please ?
[06:52 AM]  JayR Cela: regardless / i am preparing a review of this viewer today / and its all good / on a 10 star rating i'm giving it a 9
[06:53 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: \o/ :)!
[06:53 AM]  McCabe Maxsted: and sure go for it
[06:53 AM]  JayR Cela: yep check it out later on this afternoon

  For my old Dell p4 I'm getting a really decent FPS of 10 to18, my p3 is averaging around 6 to 10, I

understand that the people out there with newer computers may find this funny, but SL is perfectly usable at 10 FPS depending on the Sim you are in.
  So in all fairness to V2 fans I have to say, use what you prefer, if your a fashionista, you simply cannot beat V2 for the outfit feature, my partner Cathy loves Kirstens. If your a builder I think Emerald is a dead issue, and I am recommending Imprudence,

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