Wednesday, August 4, 2010

SecondLife (R) Jira Mess & The Rumered New Jira 4 ?

   Ok breaking news from the front lines of the AWG ( AW Groupies ) Architecture Working Group officially sanctioned by LL as a steering committee for the future of SL.
  As I have noted in my profile, at one Time I was an active member of the AWG, when M linden came aboard as CEO, I threw in the towel, and said the hell with it ! 
  I just had a conversation with one of my former colleagues, from the AWG and he has graciously allowed me to post our conversation in regards to the new upcoming Jira 4. 
  In case you are unfamiliar with the Jira, it is a means of supplying LL with information about Bugs in the SL client and server software. The only problem has been, it is incredibly difficult for the average person to comprehend, or use. Add to the fact of the ridiculous complexity, many valid complaints, items, seem to languish in limbo for a year or more, until they eventually, and conveniently get swept under the rug.
   I'm not able to go into detail on Jira 4, because frankly, this is the first I have heard of it. I am however asking for help from readers of this Blog. If you have information, you would like to share, or would like an Editorial collum on this subject, I will be more that happy to oblige.
  The following is my conversation with Rex Cronon, long time AWG member and contributer.

[12:45 PM]  Rex Cronon: here is a possible topic for u:  what will happen with the existing jiras when jira4 is here:)

[12:49 PM]  JayR Cela: this is an important issue / the current state of the Jira is a complete joke
[12:50 PM]  JayR Cela: there are items sitting in there from a year ago / and besides that its way to difficult for the average person to use
[12:50 PM]  Rex Cronon: u r right
[12:50 PM]  JayR Cela: I gave up on it 2 years ago
[12:54 PM]  JayR Cela: so what is Jira 4 ?
[12:54 PM]  Rex Cronon: from what i heard the new and improved version of current jira
[12:54 PM]  Rex Cronon: there is one little problem though
[12:55 PM]  Rex Cronon: nobody knows for sure how will the current jiras be transffered
[12:55 PM]  Rex Cronon: either manually or automatically
[12:55 PM]  JayR Cela: ahhhhh ..........
[12:55 PM]  JayR Cela: sweep all the old issue's under the table
[12:56 PM]  Rex Cronon: so is possible that not all existing jiras will make it
[12:56 PM]  Rex Cronon: yes u r right
[12:57 PM]  Rex Cronon: is like comics joke i saw. on panel one u have a suggestion box overfilled, on panel two us see the suggestions being dumped in the trash can:(
[12:57 PM]  JayR Cela: sounds about typical for LL
[12:57 PM]  Rex Cronon: i hope things will be better
[12:58 PM]  JayR Cela: I would just like to be able to go sail boating across sim borders / without loosing my boat or ending up in the drink...........
[12:59 PM]  JayR Cela: how many years people been complaining about this issue
[12:59 PM]  Rex Cronon: i don't think u r the only one:)
[12:59 PM]  JayR Cela: mind if I quote you in this post ?
[01:00 PM]  Rex Cronon: ok
[01:00 PM]  JayR Cela: kool
[01:00 PM]  JayR Cela: check back in about an hour / i'm gonna jump on this
[01:00 PM]  Rex Cronon: please do add that i heard about this at a office hour.

  Well there ya have it folks, is Philips return as CEO, the best thing to happen to SL in the past two years, or will it be more of the same ? 
  I'm a lil busy concentrating on TPV's right  now, but I do intend to follow through on this subject. Any help or information someone can supply, I will be more than happy to give you all the assistance I can.

JayR :_) 

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

Thanks for the good news on the Jira front - I have always found it very comprehensive if a bit confusing. Was also celebrating that one of my most annoying JIRAs was assigned a Linden number today - yay!

Hopefully the new JIRA will also contain the LInden internal log of work as Philip stated they would become more open about them.