Monday, August 23, 2010

SecondLife (R) Kirstens S20(33)

   I'm back / Lol after a very hectic weekend, so I figured I may as well start out with a plug for Kirsten's newest build. My SL partner Cathy just loves it. Although I have not been able to get the linux version working, I am getting an amazing 25-35FPS average, on a 5 year old Dell P4 1 gig ram, with a Nvidia 8400GS 512mb video card, and Windows XP. The Starlight skin by Hitomi has also been added. Witch I prefer very much over the standard V2 color scheme. Nearly 0% packet loss. Sim Ping times of a relatively steady 130msec, overall this viewer runs extremely smooth on older hardware. The Camera controls are still too large for my tastes, but they are more transparent, and setting up your preferences is extremely intuitive.

  I'm not the biggest fan of Viewer 2. I'm trying to give it a fair chance, this is defiantly, in my opinion, worth a download.

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