Sunday, August 15, 2010

SecondLife (R) SnowStorm Viewer, LGG leaves Emerald Dev Team, To much Drama ?

  I have been watching the SLCC video's on the web this weekend, some of it was very interesting. Especially the fact that a greater emphasis will be placed on better usability for disabled persons. This is great news for myself, and my SL partner Cathy, having survived a stroke, and severe closed head injury 5 years ago, and being home bound I was very happy to meet my long time SL partner (wife) , whom is also partially disabled. We both are very great-full for Linden Lab and their reorganization of how important it is to contribute to the mental well being of physically challenged people. I feel it will truly be will be a wonderful accomplishment, if they can pull it off. 

  In listening to Phillip and Oz Linden speak, I feel that they are sincere, and understand that virtual worlds in general can be extremely beneficial to someones being physically challenged  mental well being, the ability to make new friends, go out dancing, or shopping, at least in your  own imagination helped me greatly. I was also very happy to hear them both openly admit that Viewer 2, has not worked out very well, and it's official Viewer 1.23.xxxx will no longer be supported by LL, as far as development goes. It's full steam ahead with Viewer 2, lots of improvements, better communication with the open source developers, and weekly builds with a new project, code named "SnowStorm"

  Hey the Lab is reaching out to us, the user's, here is a link to the the LL inworld  office hours.

  If you really love SL, and the friends you have made here, I ask you to please attend, whenever you are able to do so.

  So now, on to the ongoing emerald Soap Opera, personally I say just blow the entire thing off. I have been a builder in SL for a long time, the Emerald viewer is well suited for my needs. This recent glitch associated with being partially unclothed, or worse yet, nude, when on your screen you appear fine, seems to have stemmed from the SnowGlobe project, which apparently is being shelved, and replaced with the merger of SnowBurst and Viewer 2.

  So in closeing, please continue to support my favorite SL Developers / Kirsten / Hitomi / McCabe / and the folks at Emerald / keep up the great work.

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

Also saw the Snowstorm and Philip's speech - sadly I was not so impressed - definitely not as much as after his SL7B speech.

Seemed like too many half thought-through ideas, promises that weren't (what exactly did Philip promise would be done in the next quarter) and too many attempts at pacification.

Just one example - Snowstorm office hours are to be at a time when only those that do not have a regular job or maybe a few on the West Coast that do can attend. A few hours later and most of the Europeans could join in, make it the end of the West Coast working day and you'd get the East Coasters involved. So they choose a time-slot guaranteed to get a low turn-out by users, especially those with full-time jobs in IT who may be able to give them the most help - wonderful!

Hitomi Tiponi said...

"This recent glitch associated with being partially unclothed, or worse yet, nude, when on your screen you appear fine, seems to have stemmed from the SnowGlobe project, which apparently is being shelved, and replaced with the merger of SnowBurst and Viewer 2."

The thing is the Emerald devs knew about that before they released it (Katherine Berry announced what they were doing when she left the team) - yet they still went ahead with it.

JayR Cela said...

Thanks for the post's Hitomi, this bug has actually been around on and off again, dating back 3 to 4 years ago with the SL. 1.8.xx series. Back then, it manifested itself with womens skirts, and prim hair not rezzing. Tons of complaints were expressed, but for some reason or another it took LL months to fix. :(

As far as Philips comments and statements being a bit vague, I'm willing to give him some more time, he still has some huge mess's left over from M. Lindens disastrous reign, and near destruction of SL to fix.

Also the fact that the former Linden Quarl, has recently joined the Emerald team, should restore some credibility, and put this clothing issue to rest soon.

Your comment on the office hours is spot on. Personally I would like to see more inworld office hours staggered in different various time slots as well. Example 9:00am SLT one day, 12:00pm next day, 3:00pm another day, 6:00pm, 9:00pm, 12:00 am, 3:00am, 6:00am,and how about Saturday or Sundays ?

JayR Cela :_)

Foxxe Wilder said...

Full steam ahead with Viewer 2?? You MUST be joking. That viewer is the SICKEST joke LL has ever played upon the grid-lings (residents), aside from the foolish adoption of the no gaming rule that was the cornerstone of the SL economy. Make it gamer-friendly?? How about NORMAL person friendly and let the young gamers figure out the controls without putting the entire grid into constant confusion with questions often heard like, "How do you.......?" (YOU fill in the blank)

SnowBurst? Never heard of it, but is sounds like yet another SNOWJOB. Phil, after the insanity of M (the Moron) Linden, I find myself welcoming you back. Just do us all a favour; Don't make us think that the time with M was the 'good old days'

JayR Cela said...

Well Foxxe,
from what I can tell,and heard from Oz Linden. Viewer 2 is a full steam ahead, whether we like it or not deal. SnowBurst is real, just these folks at LL have released any news beyond the SLCC, about it yet.

I guess its a just a wait and see what happens situation.

And yes, viewer 2 is complete embarrassment for LL

I think they just in damage control mode

Kirsten and Hitomi, have done a great job at improving V2, and the Imprudence viewer is pretty solid. Imprudence is still based on the code base You can find the download links here, on the right hand side on my blog

But we got to face the facts, all development on the viewer has come to an end, at least as far as LL is concerned :(

JayR Cela