Saturday, August 7, 2010

SecondLife (R) Viewer 2 / Kirstens S(20) Build (31) I'm in Love :_)

  Hi again, I'm back to say the more I use Kirstens viewer the more I just love it, i have permanently put Emerald on the back burner, way to many problems with my Avatar showing up as a cloud, or naked on other people's  screens, while on my screen, I look fine. I have even compared snapshots with friends, and on my screen I look OK and the snapshot's I take too, but on my friends screen I'm wearing my birthday suit ( naked )
  Hell last week I was ejected from a well known SL blues - jazz club for being naked. But on my screen I was fully clothed, and so was my picture i took, the club owner took a picture and sure enough I was naked, and  I just heard a rumor that several Emerald dev's have left the project, perhaps this is some sort of cruel childish prank or joke. What ever the case may be I'm sticking with Kirstens viewer. It's rock solid, fast and the best SL viewer out there. !!

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

All you need to know is that Katherine Berry (one of the best - if not the best - teen brains in SL) has left - she developed the Ajaxlife text browser at 16 and also She said that all the best devs ahd left and there was no serious development going on other than hers, and Emerald just didn't take QA seriously. Sooner or later word will get out that Emerald is in effect dead leaving the way open for Imprudence and Kirstens to take over (or at least I hope so).

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi, I'll have to agree with you on this issue, I've had a number of problems with the beta version of Emerald 1.4.xx
I look OK on my screen, but am a cloud, or naked on other peoples screens. The really odd thing is I can take a picture of myself and it's OK, someone else takes my picture and I'm a cloud, or have no hair or am naked, LOL :_)
I never tried AjaxLife, I guess LL deemed it to be a security risk, or something like that, oh well the more I use Kirstens and Starlight the more I like both of them. Keep up the good work my friend. Hope to meet you inworld someday, byeee :_)

JayR Cela

Anonymous said...

Happens in RL too and often in full view of international mass media. Commonly known these days as a "wardrobe malfunction". Check clothing before going out.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Anonymous, guess we can just chalk it all up to Janet Jackson / lol :_)

JayR :_)