Sunday, August 1, 2010

SecondLife Viewer2 LL vs. Open Source SnowGlobe & Kirsten S20(29)-(30) Inventory Load Times

Hello / welcome back :_)
I will be comparing the installation and inventory load times between the official LL SL Viewer2 and the Open Source SnowGlobe and Kirsten's version's(S20)build(29) &(30) / my control standard will be Emerald Viewer
Please note these are for initial inventory loading times only, I will get further into performance specs. within the next several days
The following installation specs will remain constant / Network Bandwith 530kbps / Disk Cache size 990MB / Graphics set to Mid - Antialiasing x2 / Sim Objects 12588 / Active Objects 565 / active Scripts 4087 / My Avatar ARC score 6936 / Avatar inventory count 11,533 items
SecondLife Viewer2 v.
Inventory Load Time (ILT)
Windows : 70 minutes 6 relogs
Ubuntu : 110 minutes 11 relogs
SnowGlobe v. ILT
Windows : 50 minutes 5 relogs
Ubuntu : 70 minutes 6 relogs
SnowGlobe v. ILT
Windows : 35 minutes 4 relogs
Ubuntu : 45 minutes 5 relogs
Kirsten's v.S(20) Build(30)Windows Build(29)Linux
Windows : 30 minutes 3 relogs
Ubuntu : 30 minutes 3 relogs
Emerald v.
Windows: 10 minutes 3 relogs
Ubuntu : 10 minutes 3 relogs
Well there you have it, the specs you have just read are how long it took me to do a complete clean installation and inventory load, including the number of times I needed to relog the viewer in order to complete the inventory load, for further information please read the 2 previous posts dated July 31 2010

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

Good idea to do this - will be interested in your observations. Must get round to doing some tests as well to see how Viewer 2 develops.

I was puzzled why you had to do so many reloads (never need to do that even when on kit that is below the minimum system spec) then looked at your Network Bandwidth - think that explains it. BTW I find that the last Rainbow Viewer is the best for my lower-spec machines, I am disappointed that the developer abandoned it when the new TPV policy came out.

When you get a few more results may be worth pointing them out on one of the forums.

JayR Cela said...

Thanks for your input Hitomi / I am here and doing this for 1 reason / LL never listens to anyone / i tried for 2 years to convince them to abandon the UDP protocall for transmitting texture's it's a 30 year old format abandoned long ago by the mainstream for http. So it's up to us the users and developers to make things happen / please tell your friends about this Blog. It's main purpose for being brought back to life is to make Viewer2 what we know it can be / but LL wont or cant be bothered to.

JayR :_)

sororNishi said...

I'm listening and watching your blog...excellent work, this is what we need, a scientific approach rather than emotional.

Robward Antwerp said...

I am happy to see this blog… thanks to those who are spreading the word. Thank you JayR Cela for taking the time and making the effort to resurrect your blog.

JayR Cela said...

Thank you sororNishi & Robward for your kind comments. The SL viewer 2 has enormous potential.Once some of the buggy code is worked out, and the User Interface is made workable, this will be a top notch product. Stay tuned, cause theres lots more to come, and I'm just getting started :_)

JayR :_)