Monday, August 2, 2010

SecondLife(R) SnowGlobe Viewer v. User Interface

  I'm back, after my nauseating dive into the official LL SL V2 cesspool of black and green oblivion. I will now give the latest stable release of the SnowGlobe viewer a try. For those of you unfamiliar with the SnowGlobe project, a brief rundown.
  Shorty before Philip stepped aside as CEO of LL, he started  an officially sanctioned Open Source fork of the viewer code, hence SnowGlobe was born. I'll compare it to the AWG or Advanced Architecture Working Group, another great idea that was supposed to bring wonderful bliss to all of SL. HyperGrid protocol, HTTP textures, C++ scripting capabilities, ( which eventually devolved into Mono scripting ) ( we all know how successful Mono has been ) ( yeah lets take an interpreted computer language, LSL, and run it through another interpreted computer language, Mono, and see what happens )   
  If you have been following my posts on Viewer 2, started July 31, you will know I have only been concerned with performance comparisons so far. I think that the underlying code base for Viewer 2 has fantastic potential, it is just that the UI is a complete joke, and a bad one at that. Yes I have a crass, sarcastic sense of humor, and LL can sue the hell out of me if they like, ( i'm 2 steps away from the poor house as it is now, so they wont get much. ) And I'm gonna speak my mind. I love SL, and I want to see it succeed, and I want Viewer 2 to be kick ass. All V2 needs is a totally awesome UI, 2 or 3 skin levels / beginner / intermediate / power user / Hell, WinAmp ( the most popular music jukebox for Windows computers ) has doing this for at least a decade. ( by the way I suggested this concept 3 years ago at an AWG meeting, I used to be a member ) So now that I have blown off some more steam, I will take a look at this  V2 SnowGlobe  version.
  OK I'm done, nothing new here, just the same old crap, with sluggish performance. See my previous post on FPS. I will now take a look at the the experimental  test build.

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