Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SecondLife(R) Viewer 2 Open Source Alternative Kirstens S(20) Build(30)

  Well I have spent the past hour or so, toying around with Kirstens version of Viewer 2, and I can say WOW !!! I've never seen such a well designed layout, having never been very fond of V2, until now, this viewer is defiantly a game changer. I only have 2 minor criticisms, the green and black color scheme, and a smaller camera control like the 1.23.5.xxx viewer, and oh yes, I have not figured out how to get my radio working yet / LOL / I'm sure  its something minor. I'm not sure whether to write about it or just take a bunch of snapshots. What really impresses me the most is the level of customization available. Kirstens version of V2 can truly be Fast, Easy and Fun, or incredibly robust. It has to be seen to be believed.

  LOL / forgive my haphazard photo arraignment I'm still learning how to use this blogging software:_) You really have to experience this viewer to see how well done it is, my long time SL partner Cathy, who is a fashionista absolutely Loves it ! 
  Although I will continue to use Emerald for my building projects this viewer has definitely earned a permanent spot on my hard drive. Using a 10 star rating system I  give it 8-1/2 there is a link to Kirstens Blog here on the right side of this page


Hitomi Tiponi said...

I agree that KirstenLee is ahead of the LL curve with Kirstens Viewer. It is particularly impressive for machinima and photography with lots of nice settings - but it still suffers from some of the base coding errors with Viewer 2 though I am pretty sure these will start to be addressed soon.

Really Imprudence and Kirstens is the way forward for TPVs - and Emerald, following some recent departures, is now floundering.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi, yeah I really do like this new viewer, once a few of the coding bugs are worked out, over time it should become the standard. I tried the Imprudence RC this morning, but kept loosing my attachments every time i logged out and back in, so I'm not sure if I want to review it yet. I also gave the Starlight skin for Viewer 2 a run around the block, which is pretty nice, very similar to Kirstins, but still has that cumbersome sidebar. I was unaware of departures from the Emerald team, whats up with that?

Oh yeah I notice in your post you mention Machinima, Is this one of your hobbies?

JayR :_)

Hitomi Tiponi said...

"Oh yeah I notice in your post you mention Machinima, Is this one of your hobbies?"

I take a number of photos in Second Life and am experimenting with the various settings for shadows and lighting. One day I would love to do a machinima - I have a friend who is an excellent opera singer so would love to do something to echo her work.