Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OK I've About Had it with SecondLife Viewer 2 "Because Part 3" Lost Chat & IM Log Issues

    OK Part 3, this is what really got me fired up to begin with. The past several months I have been doing my best to try and embrace V2 as a viable format to enter SL. I have been nice, polite and appreciative of the various efforts being made by the Open Source Community. But this issue just managed to pop my cork. I don't know what these buffoons are thinking, or trying to accomplish, but 1 step forward and in some cases 3 steps backwards is not my idea of progress. I have completely lost all faith in this project, it's only 2 merits are the Wardrobe-Outfits feature and Media on a Prim. Other than that, Viewer 2 is and should be considered a complete and total loss. I'm going to address a huge flaw here, loss of your SL chat and IM file's, or at least their location awareness from a viewer standpoint.
    I have been using SL for 5 years +, and my Chat and IM files are important to me. I don't keep my files located in the default area, due to the fact I run multiple Operating Systems, Linux and Windows. I am surprised I did not notice this problem sooner, I believe it surfaced in the V2.3 series. But dammit, this should be a total non-issue, and is beyond belief.
    Here is my setup for Log files.

As you can see, they are all intact,, so it should be a simple mater of pointing V2 to the approiate location. Haaa ! not so.

Take a look for yourself.

They have vanished !
Now take a look at a screen shot from the Phoenix Viewer, or any other 1.x TPV

Go figure this one out, I have poked around in various Debug Settings, no luck there, and this flaw is embedded not only with the official LL V2, it also rears its ugly head in the Dolphin and Kirsten versions as well.

    I'll be back tomorrow, I still have some anger to vent on this horrid piece of &*^% LL insists upon calling a finished product.

JayR Cela :_)

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