Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OK I've About Had It with SL Viewer2 "Because Part 4" Cluttered Screen~Menu Focus and Lack of Transparency

   It has been several days since my Part 3 installment, mostly due to the fact I started a new building project, and decided to give V2.4 a try during the project. Much to my dismay, I ended up using Phoenix for the majority of the work.  I started with a bare parcel of riverfront land, by marking off the perimeters ( View Property Lines ) ( using Phoenix ) with some tall skinny Mega Prims.

   In order to make this job as quick and painless as possible, I decided to use some linked modules from one of my previous builds.                

I will admit the new Build Menu is more intuitive then the V1.x series.

    But something is constantly being over looked by the Developers of V2. The screen is very cluttered, and with a completely screwball idea of what Tear-Off-Menu's actually are, and how they should function in a project development environment, tends to make things more cumbersome then necessary.

This tends to get tedious when trying to find objects or textures, and being forced to use a completely unintuitive menu structure. Not only that but the odd behavior of menu transparency as you change focus from one to another, couple this with a camera control that seems to have a mind of it's own. This really irritates the crap out of me, for one thing it is way too large, next is that it needs to be see-thru
( transparent ) not opaque sometimes and semi-transparent other-times, and why and the heck does it just magically decide to disappear for no apparent reason while I am building ?

   Needless to say, as far as building is concerned Viewer 2 is a complete pain in the ass, and I have serious doubt's if any of the developers actually look outside the technical aspects, and numerous UI flaws, that never seem to be addressed,  and actually try and design any SL content.

JayR Cela :_)

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