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Mystery Phoenix Virtual World Client Viewer "Phoenix ( Beta ) Hyper Grid Ready

By Avatar JayR Cela

    About 2 weeks ago, I had mentioned that a new Bug Fix Version of the popular SL based Phoenix Viewer was scheduled for a "Bug Fix", release soon. Also a custom version, ( Beta ) for a new Open Sim Grid,  SpotON3D was being developed specifically for that platform. I say specifically, because SpotON3D is part of the expanding Open Sim HyperGrid Metaverse. A loosely knit confederation of sort's, that allows for inter grid transport between various Virtual World's ( Grid Hopping ) based on the Open Sim Server Software Platform.

    And of course, LL, currently want's nothing to due with this sort of rubbish. ( At least in the Lab's opinion, it is wrongly considered to be rubbish )

    I find it rather ironic, that the current Hyper Grid Transport Protocol, can find it's root's deeply buried and forgotten within the dark, musty and  locked  ( "We Never Said That" ~"Sealed Vaults of Linden Lab" ) To be completely mind boggling.

   "InterOP", originally  proposed by SL Avatar, "IBM's ~ Zha Ewery", and conceived, together with help from the former "Zero Linden", during the height of LL's superbly executed fiasco, and failed, attempt to attract Big Corporate Customer's, with the now defunct SL Enterprise Server product.  ( That eventually bit the the well deserved dust last year, stands as proof  )  Heck, even Sun Micro Systems ( now Oracle ) and Cisco Systems, were somewhat loosely involved at that time.

    Myself and may others truly believed, the Lab was finally ready to go main stream. Sorry to observe, and say, LL, as I see it, will inevitably, follow in the dank footsteps of the once all mighty, and all so well forgotten, AOL, and Compuserve. "May they Rest in Peace"
     They both suffered a failed, stagnated , slow, painful, and shameful death, by denying the inevitable fact's.
      "The Internet is not a "Walled Garden" "Rod Linden, I hope your are reading this"

      I truly love SL, cherish my SL partner, and close in-world friends. But V2 is a excellent example, of various, flawed and miss guided decisions made by people that never had the qualification's to make them in the first place.
    An Example is easily confirmed by attending various LL in-world meetings. These office hours area's are not only lackluster, run of the mill places, set in  crappy, unimaginative settings, and coupled with the fact that most all LL employee's attending, said meeting's, rarely or never even bother to change their Avatar appearance or outfit's.

     In other words. "They are Code Junky's" I doubt if any seldom even bother to venture out behind their office cubicles, and actually explore our user created Virtual World, or bother to experience this wonderful imaginative place so many of us refer to as home. 

    Instead, they seem to exist in an Abomination and Dismal Viewer2 world. Regrettably that  is currently being forced down upon us. 

    The User interface is a horrendous example of something gone completely wrong. And in my personal opinion *A tremendous piece of Crap

      Before i ramble off into one of my common and, well know rant's. I would like to share something with you.

     This morning, I did some rummaging around, and  managed to find this picture in my SL backup archive's, of the first "By Special Invitation Only"successful InterOP ( now called "Hyper Grid" due to protocol changes ) Grid Hop's between the main SL Grid and one set up by IBM and several other Open Source associates. 

     This discussion however, will be better served in an upcoming post, Selby and I have recently been discussing. As I continue my crusade, of unrelenting Bashing, and Praise of the Lab, for inexcusable mistakes, made with Viewer2. I sincerely hope you continue to follow this Blog, as myself, and fellow contributors post the facts, you may not read elsewhere.

   This new Open Sim Grid aptly named "The New Continent" and was to herald in a new agreement between Inter World cooperation with LL and the newly forming Open Sim ~ Open Grid consortium. But alas it's fate was to be soon, swallowed and forgotten shortly afterwards, around spring 2007 or 2008. ( It has been a long time, and I simply do not recall the exact date )

     So back to the matter at hand. This new revised version of the Phoenix Viewer. So far it is currently available to the public via SpotON3D's website only. I logged in, created an account and downloaded the client. ( Note: you must already be a member, or register a new account, before gaining access to the download area ) As of this morning Phoenix is not yet available on the Official Phoenix website.

                                      Here is the Web Site Log In Screen
         You'll need to accept the Tos, In order to download the software, and log in.

As you can see, it looks very much the same as the standard Phoenix Viewer, with one major exception, a Grid log in selector, with preset's for SpotON and SecondLife. I decided to give the SpotOn3D world a try first, created a standard preset Avatar, and quickly located located 2 free-bee stores.

Yes that is me.  Represented with a Male Avatar, my Blog's profile clearly states, ( if you have taken the time to read it )

"Race~Gender~Species Have No Meaning in a Virtual World" My in world Avatar does change gender,and species      from time to time. But my personality always remains the same"

 The Big Question remained, would it work with SL ? I logged out from SpotOn3D, and preceded to make the appropriate client adjustment's in preparation for a trip into the walled garden of SecondLife. ( Do you remember Compuserve ?  How about the once mighty AOL)

      Ok, now that I have stringently teased you with the draw. I will be testing the new Phoenix viewer tomorrow morning. Stop back on by for a first hand look.

JayR Cela :_)

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