Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phoenix FireStorm Preview Release "My First Impression's" "Yay !! I Got MY Screen Back" "A Brief Review"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Let me start off by saying, I absolutely love it ! Goofy bugs included. Some of them are downright hysterical. One of the most comical was using the Character Tests option ( now located under the Develop Menu ) in order to rezz my Cloud Avatar. The female version rendered me as if I was Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz Movie, ( no pun intended LOL ) and was easy enough to correct. But hey, we were forewarned repeatedly, to expect some weirdness.

   What is the most striking aspect of FireStorm's  redesigned User Interface, is that it is a work of art, compared to LL's official V2. No longer do I have to deal with that wretched,
 ill designed and ludicrous Side Bar, or the poorly conceived, implemented and over sized Camera Control. The Menu Bar has been trimmed down and is actually usable, without eating up valuable screen real estate.

     I have lost count of the number of meetings I have attended and been told or heard. Removal of the Side Bar is not an option, its an integral part of the UI. The Camera Control can not be resized it's hard coded into the UI. We can't change the Menu Bar its an intergal part of the User Interface. And so on and so on. One excuse after another, has been used to force upon us, The Customer, something that a large portion of the long time existing loyal SecondLifer's have repeatedly expressed to the Lab. We the Customer do not want this cruel joke and poor excuse of a Virtual World Client. The UI stinks and eats up to much valuable screen space. There was one meeting I recall where t I heard one LL employee tell those in attendance, to buy a bigger monitor. This sort of brazen arrogance, and seemingly total lack of concern about the existing Customer base, really rubbed me the wrong way, and quite frankly Pissed Me Off ! to say the least.

    In a three short month's time frame the Phoenix FireStorm Team has accomplished what we have been told over and over again was not doable, or not an option !  In other words, Get Used To It ! Plain and Simple, Because ! Well because what ? Because the Lab is ______________ ( you fill in the blank ) and post a comment please, that should prove rather interesting :_)

If you like the current official V2 UI, that is your prerogative, and no longer my problem !

                             Yay ! I got My Screen Back

JayR Cela :_)


Kadah said...

Because the Lab is acting on business interests; attract new users/make it easier for them, and secret evil stuff. :V

JayR Cela said...

@Kadah LOL / the main concern is attracting new users yes. / is to bad they are going about it in the current way that has been chosen. :(

Thanks for reading and posting here / come on back / lot's more is coming soon

JayR Cela :_)

Hitomi Tiponi said...

Firestorm have not removed the sidebar - they have done little more than KL has already done with it - it is hidden but it is still there. The sidebar code is at the heart of the UI and it is better to work around it and tweak it than remove it.

LL never said that the camera controls and menu bar couldn't be changed - and the TPV makers and myself have been doing just that for ages now.

LL are doing a good job improving the UI - and there will be even closer co-operation between them and the TPV makers in the future.

JayR Cela said...

Hi Sis

Apparently you and I have attended a few or some radically different meeting's /*shrugs* Oh Well / I prefer my Burger's without Onion's / and my SL Client without a Side Bar as well :_)

LOL *bigg huggs* see ya soon

JayR Cela :_)