Thursday, February 17, 2011

SecondLife "Creative Picture Taking"~&~"Free Software" MWSnap~Paint.Net~G.I.M.P. "Part 1"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I am going to veer off my normal beaten path a bit, and and turn you on to, three very handy freeware programs. Programs I use on a regular basis while working with SL, and this blog. MWSnap3, a screen capture utility, Paint.Net and GIMP, the later two, which are both graphics editing  tool's. MWSnap3 and Paint.Net are for Windows users only. The Gimp ( Graphic Image Manipulation Program ) works across multiple platforms.

    MWSnap3 can be useful for quite a few thing's besides taking picture's in SL, I have found it to be quite handy on numerous occasions. It allows saving in the following formats : .jpg .bmp .gif .png .tff, and includes an Auto Save to Folder, File Name Prefix feature, Hot Key's, and easily run's in the background. It can reside in your Window's System Tray, while using a minuscule amount of memory.

    Paint.Net has been around forever on the Windows platform. It's no real competition to Photo Shop, but neither is the price, and will easily get the job done for most users.

    The Gimp ~or~ ( The Graphic Image Manipulation Program ) is also free-ware, and in many cases is quite on par with Adobe P.S.

             During the next few day's or so, I will be showing some example's, so stay tuned.
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