Friday, February 11, 2011

SecondLife V2.5.0.220251 ~Vs.~ SnowStorm V2.6.0.220842 "Whats Up With Web Profiles ?" "TOTAL BIG THUMB'S DOWN !!!" "Part 1"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I just finished reading,

Viewer 2.5 with Web Profiles Has Arrived

    Woooo as me, seems as if there are quite a few unhappy campers, to say the least. So, time to roll up my sleeves, and see what all the fuss is about. While I'm at it, may as well do a comparison of the now standard V2.5 and last nights latest SnowStorm nightly build of V2.6 as well. NOTE : I'm rooting for the SnowStorm Team on this one, should be fun.
   V2.5                                                                SnowStorm                                                                                                          

Note : The new KDU ~ J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1 ~ in use on both versions

Note : All licensing agreement's are the same 

     Every thing rezzed quickly

                                     Can't explain this, a big hit on FPS with SnowStorm.
    It could be because I was experimenting with V2.6.0.220762's Debug Setting's yesterday, I'll have to take a look before I finish this series.

    But now it's time to see what all the squawking is about with Web Based Profile's, and if there is any difference between V2.5 and this new SnowStorm V2.6 build.

Note : During the course of writing this post SnowStorm was upgraded from                                                       
                                             .220842 to V2.6.0.220951
    The remainder will continue with the newest version  

    The first thing I wanted to try was opening my lil sister xenny's profile, this proved futile on both versions by highlighting what you would think you had to do. I scrolled down to her name in my friends list, moved my mouse over to the appropriated spot, View Profile, and all that managed to do was open my profile. Major flaw right off the bat ! So I double clicked on her Icon and opened the chat dialog screen.


    Well that worked, so far this is turning out to be a total pain in the ass, clicked on the Profile Button. There, Woooo ! it worked ! Next I wanted to see it I was able to find her on the map. Again, this is taking way to many unnecessary steps. I don't know about you, but as far as I am concerned, the less mouse clicks, the better. This is totally beyond belief, how you can take a perfectly logical Avatar Profile system from the 1.x Viewer series, and completely turn it upside down, sideways and inside out, making it much harder than it used to be. And this is considered Progress ? I don't think so. 

                               Not to bad, once you finally get to the correct spot.
                              Ok so let's finally get around to offering xenny a TP

     Now before any of you V2 Tree Hugger's out there loose your marbles, and attempt to trash me. Let me just show you an example of how thing's should work. I'm going to log in with the current Phoenix Viewer and accomplish the same task's in several easy step's. First I'll do the find on Map routine.

This is pretty darn simple,


                                  Open Contact's Button, Select Avatar,
                Open Profile, Select Find on Map. And Whaa-Laa ! Done Deal !

                                       Ok next up, a simple TP offer.

                                                     Simple as 1-2-3

   As far as I am concerned, I really have to thank my friend, and co-contributor to this blog, ~CM~ Cummere Mayo, for really bringing this screwball Web Profile mess to a Head, and my attention. I have literally, been working on this post since 6:00am this morning, it's now 7:30pm. And I have only just begun to scratch the surface. I fully intend to tear apart, find and expose every flaw I can possibly discover within Viewer2.5, and this Web Profile thing these next few days. Along with some other major annoyances.

     I will also lay off from any further reviews of SnowStorm for 1 week.

Stay Tuned for Part2 Tomorrow

JayR Cela !


Selby said...

I don't understand the problem. I am using 2.5 with no problems -- and I get profiles ok --
I just looked you up in search and found you. Had to type in the whole name. But that is a problem with search.

Selby said...

After I opened the profile, I clicked on actions button: got options including IM and Offer tp. And if I had wanted to look you up in my friends list, I would have opened the list and types:
jay. Your name comes up and when I hover my cursor over it several options appear, including profile.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Selby :_)
To many mouse clicks, perhaps I am just drowsy. This post took over 12 hours to prepare. I got a bit out of sorts after a bit.

I'm just scratching the surface right now. I really got confused with the snapshots. Thats my fault for improper use of proper naming conventions.

JayR Cela :_)

Hitomi Tiponi said...

Jay - the calling up of your profile rather than the one you requested is a bug which I believe was introduced by the web (i.e. SOCIAL) team when they were trying to speed up profiles in the last couple of days before 2.5 went live. Cummere has reported it on a JIRA - so hopefully it will be addressed. Sadly the Web Profiles team couldn't design a horse without giving it six legs!
Mark Linden, Senior Director of Engineering at LL has 'left' the lab this week, a move I see as positive. Also let us hope that Q and the team find someone that is able to replace Esbee in her role with Snowstorm - as that is critical to the future of Viewer 2.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi :_)

I was unaware of Mark Linden's dismissal,or seeking employment elsewhere. No big loss there.

And yes I sure do miss Esbee :(

*bigg huggs* Sis

JayR :_)