Friday, February 11, 2011

Tech: Linden Lab goes to S-Tech: User Groups

 Linden Lab goes to S-Tech
Selby Evans (AKA Thinkerer Melville)
It seems like only yesterday I was wondering if Linden Lab could keep up with the Phoenix developers and the Phoenix Viewer Support group and the crowd-sourced feedback it was producing.   
Today, I see that Linden Lab has an answer:
Groups dealing with selected issues:
  • Adult content
  • Viewer 2 Design
  • Viewer 2 Evolution
  • Marketplace
  • Community Tools
  • Events
And others.  Visit the web page to see for yourself.  Each of these groups has a scheduled meeting. Most are weekly or more frequent.  A few are bi-monthly.  They are just starting up now.  They have agendas and archives, but little content yet.   Nevertheless, this move does suggest that the new management at Linden Lab  does recognize the potential resource it has in the inputs from experienced users.
Of course, meetings are talk.  "If talking were walking, we would get farther."
I know people in Second Life who will predict (on the basis of experience) that the meetings will be little more than exercises in explaining why that (anything) can't be done.  But I don't believe the past predicts the future.
If it did, we would still be talking on the telephone.

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"If it did, we would still be talking on the telephone."

I am. Aren't you?