Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your replicator rations have been increased

Your replicator rations have been increased
by Selby Evans (Thinkerer Melville)
Sure. The tech been around for a long time.  But now the economics have changed.  
Mini City in full color sandstone
"We define 3D printing as any additive manufacturing process whereby one machine turns a
digital file into a finished physical object by building up that object layer by layer."
Plastic objects in 10 working days
Metal objects in 14 working days
Creation-- details
"Create a model in almost any 3D modeling or CAD software"
Export to STL, Collada or X3D file.
"You can also let others order your model if you want."
Artists create art in virtual worlds, get evaluations, sell objects as solids with companies like this.
Artists in virtual worlds take commissions, build models, in VR, make deliveries via 3d printing.
Architects and others who need models (eg, for rapid prototyping), hire VR builders to create the digital versions and to export them for 3d printing. 
Of course, this kind of thing is not like a game.  
  • There is a steep learning curve.  
  • Doing this takes time. 
  • Getting set up is inconvenient.   
  • So it won't work.

Except for a small number of people who don't understand obstacles.

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