Sunday, September 4, 2011

SecondLife "Sufficiently Breathless" "Phoenix FireStorm About To Put All Other Viewer's To Shame"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well the day is close at hand, The Day quite a large portion of the SL population has been waiting for. The Release of the next version of Phoenix FireStorm.

    I have been a Die-Hard Phoenix user since day 1of it's release, ya cant beat it for building or content creation, it is simply the best SL viewer available, for that matter for anyone. I do quite a bit of exploring in SL, and I all way's have the Show Viewer Client option turned ON. That way I can see who is using what particular SL Viewer Client that different people are using.

     Hand's down the race is between the Standard LL 1.2.x Viewer and Phoenix, and FireStorm. Ya see a trend forming here ? Yes you do, the SL user base has spoken, though not verbally, but in their choice of which SL Client they choose to use for day to day socializing.

    About a month ago I went to using FireStorm almost full time. Somewhat begrudgingly because it lack's several key building function's I use on a regular basis. I am not going to elaborate on this because, I can easily switch back and forth from Phoenix to FireStorm at any time I feel it is necessary.

    Now I am not part of the FS team, but I do know several folk's that are.

    So Get Ready !!

    Kiss everything else Good Bye !

Phoenix FireStorm V3  Will Leave Everyone "SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS"

JayR Cela :_)


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