Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Favorite SecondLife Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Let's face it they are all good, for simplicity I prefer the Zen Viewer, by Zenna Juran, and Hitomi Tiponie's Starlight Skin, and the Dolphin Viewer by Lance Corrimal. These are the top 3 for ease of use. Then we cannot forget Henri Beauchamps, Cool Viewer, the last holdout of V1.x based SL client's, oh yeah Singularity by Siana Gearz, a very advanced V1.x client as well. Then we have the Catznip Viewer, Astra and Exodus, and last but not least NiranV's and the offshoot Linux version the Tarmix Viewer.

    They are all good, just a little bit different from one in other. I think if it came right down to it, from a new user standpoint, and I was in the position of recommending to a new SL user it would be hands down the Zen Viewer, Zenna Juran has put a lot of time into making an extremely user friendly environment.

    Personally I prefer a complicated usage experience so I choose FireStorm, I do like NiranV's but he changes so many things from week to week, is hard to keep up, and just end's up pissing me off with all the unnecessary changes, so it is completely worthless for any serious work.

    So my Vote goes to Zenna Juran and the Zen Viewer for ease of use, and FireStorm for best overall.

JayR Cela :_)


Bear Silvershade said...

I would vote for Zen Viewer as best overall, thanks to the regular updates and fixes, which Firestorm, even with team contributing to it, don't seem to grasp.
If firestorm was keeping pace with other developments, they would take best overall hands down.
I agree completely with you on Niran's - I am a photographer, and used it for some time because of its exquiste rendering - but the interface changes are increasingly hard to deal with and unrelated to creating a great photo/film viewer.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Bea,

I like the Zen Viewer very much as well, and I agree the constant UI changes in the Niran Viewer make it a complete no-show on my list / way to complicated.

JayR :_)