Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ComputerLife : The Ultimate File Manager ? : Free Commander

By Avatar JayR Cela

    If you regularly work with a lot of file's, you are well aware that the File Manager's included with Window's, from XP on up are in my opinion rather clunky and slow. Not to mention a lack of much needed built in features.

    There is a FreeWare FM from http://www.freecommander.com/ FreeCommander is a dual pane file management tool, much like the renown DOS based Midnight Commander, it is feature rich with just about every thing  you could ask for, plus custom setup configuration save's, and it is lighting fast !

    About the only flaw I came across was an occasional opening of Windows Explorer during certain operations. Oh well, after all it is FreeWare / LOL :_)

JayR Cela :_)


SecondLife : Singularity Viewer : New Version 1.7.0(2621) : Lots of New Stuff

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Wow it has been a long wait, was it worth it ? That's what I aim to figure out here today as I take the new Singularity viewer out for a test spin. Singularty is a direct descendant from the much loved, but no longer available Ascent viewer, it also includes some code from the never released publicly SnowGlobe 1.5 initiative from LL. Some texture fetching techniques courtesy of the defunct Imprudence viewer, and RLV 1.4.0

    I hope the Dev Team won't mind but I lifted some list's of improvements  from their web site.

 Improvements for content creators:

Free texture upload for testing textures and sculpties
Preview animations on yourself upon upload
Copy and Paste in build panel
Embedded Animation Override editor
Rez Objects As Land Group option
Math expressions in build panel, from Imprudence
Alignment tool, by Qarl Fizz
Measure distance between any 2 prims - available in pie menu.
UUID display for various things - full perm textures, prims, avatars
Enhanced inspection floater
[NEW] System preferences->Building panel for setting default parameters for creating an object.
[NEW] Open scripts in external editor

  General Improvements

General graphics engine update, by Shyotl and myself, based on current Viewer 3.
Region Windlight support, by myself, partially based on work by Kadah Coba.
New sound system FMOD Ex integrated by Shyotl - check out all new Singularity -> Streaming Audio Display!
Sound bugs fixed. Unfortunately, Aurora Var-size region support had to be dropped in the process.
RLVa partially updated, by myself and Shyotl, to version 1.4.
Holding Shift while crouching will work as crouch toggle, by myself and Inusaito Kanya.
Aiming mode - in mouselook, hold right mouse button and scroll the wheel, by Sovereign Engineer
New build preferences, by Inusaito Kanya
Radar now indicates gesture/sound/particle/animation spam, taken from Avination viewer, by Fractured Crystal
LSL editor update by Latif Khalifa, including external editor support.
Huge thanks fly out to everyone who joined us during testing and development! Latif Khalifa pro

    The Dev team has also managed to add some current V3 features as well, claiming that Singularity is the only available and most future proof  V1.x viewer available today. V3 features Included are Multi Layer clothing support, And full compliance with the V3 Current Outfit Folder inventory standard.

    The. list is very impressive, and it is available for all 3 platforms, Windows, Linux & Mac.

   The Preferences Menu Screen Shots

    Look's as if just about everything is well covered in the Preferences Menu's, I did not notice a selective mute group chat option. Oh Well, let's fire it up !  One thing that has always kinda irked me about Singularity is that it default loads with the Show Look At feature on, this put's an annoying little mouse cross hairs on the screen, just un-check that to get rid of them.

Some other in world menu options include

    It is a feature loaded V1.x viewer that's for sure. It's FPS performance was on the lackluster side, but rock solid steady. To be honest with you I did not do much in world testing, so who know's ? ^_^

JayR Cela :_)