Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SecondLife : Havok Physic's Engine Get's An Upgrade

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I have been reading several blog's today (that I will leave nameless) completely freaking out about LL upgrading the Havok Physic's Engine. This seems to be affecting Sim Border crossings while using Mesh based vehicle's.

    Unless your head is buried in the sand somewhere, and you have been a SL user for any length of time, you obviously know that crossing sim border's have always been problematic in SecondLife. That's nothing new, this time however it may be cause of major concern to some resident's, especially those in the Blake Sea area's.

    Look, all I can say is don't panic! In a few weeks things will settle down and all SL resident's will be better off from the upgrade. Somehow or another this all seems to tie into the new Path-Finding feature being built in to SL

    Myself I welcome the changes, and see no sense in complaining about something I have no control over, and neither should you., just relax, and wait for the server upgrade roll out's to finish.

    In World Gaming will be the single biggest improvement that the Lab can make for the foreseeable  future. I believe the next hurdle will be an attempt to make the SL viewer into a Browser Based platform.

    That will be a disaster ! / This is just a glitch!

JayR Cela


NiranV Dean said...

The "Viewer" is a Browser.
It is build like a Browser.
It has and does all a Browser does.
And basically you just browse the Virtual Universe called Second Life.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there NiranV / You are incorrect SecondLife is NOT a Browser Based Client / If it was you would be able to load / or / log in directly from your FireFox / Chrome / IE / whatever with no download required.