Saturday, July 28, 2012

SecondLife : Rumor Has It ? : Mr Rod Humble

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Rumor has it that Mr. Rod Humble ( CEO of Linden Lab - SecondLife ) has been hanging around the SLUniverse forums as of late, asking for opinion's on how best to retain new customers ( ie. resident's )

    My personal opinion, would be # 1 Take the stock Viewer 3 and put that puppy to rest, it is an overly simplified piece of garbage, plain and simple. # 2  Start promoting SL as a place for creative people to hang out in a creative atmosphere, a user friendly spot on the web for artistic folk's to do their thing.  # 3 Make Phoenix FireStorm the stock Viewer or at least start incorporating it's features, and perhaps some stuff from the other TPV's as well. # 4 Lower tier pricing. # 5 Update the main log in page on a daily basis, for crying out loud, the most recent Blog Feed is dated March 19th. # 6 Fix border crossing's once and for all, get it over with, I've been here since 2005, people were complaining about it then and they are still bitching about it today. # 7 Start having and promoting Town Hall Meetings in SL. # 8 Reinstate the SL Forums and don't put some knucklehead with a bad attitude in charge of them, as was done years ago.

JayR Cela


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you stated here.

I would add that it might be time to get a new CEO, also. Sorry Rod, but the fact that you would go to SLUniverse to save your company indicates that you're instincts are to rely on someone else to do the hard stuff. The fact that you wouldn't go to you own forum is like spitting in the face of every SL member.

There are plenty of people who could be Admiral, but Second Life needs a Captain who loves THIS ship and who will join the crew... not for a quick Tweet to show they're cool, but because they are a nerd who believes in the destination.

Second Life has no officers on the bridge of their ship. There's plenty of commander's to radio to for help. Sometimes they respond to distress calls and sometime's they can't be bothered.

Rod, your ship has been in distress for a long time and it needs more than a nice guy. It's time to promote from within. Someone needs to lead who comes from the lower ranks of the crew.

Just for the record Rod, the new members you need so badly will not come from the outside. They will have to be brought in from the existing crew and trained one friend at a time. People don't do this anymore because you've made it an impossible task.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Anonymous.

LOL / WOOOOOOOO / ha-ha, I'm still laughing about how fired up you are / that's Kool :_)

Let me know if you would like to do some writing for this blog


JayR Cela :_)

JayR Cela said...

Hi the Anonymous #2 / LOL :_)

Yeah I kinda figured Rodvik was gonna come in and save the show, just in the nick of time, that aint happening. Tier prices are still way to high, the official LL Viewer is a complete joke as well.

Sadly this does not seem to phase any of the employee's at LL.I'm looking at this path finding thing, and it's like who gives a crap, you can not create a truly immersible game on 1 measly Sim or 4 sims for that matter.

And regrettably,I have to agree with you.

JayR Cela :(