Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SecondLife : Virtual World Gaming : Can The Lab Pull It Off ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Personally I think LL is easily capable of creating some in-world game's, if they put the right people in place on the various projects.

    Walking around and exploring, shopping, dancing and sailing  are all very cool things to do, but let's face it. After a while it gets old.

    When Rod Linden became CEO of LL, I had high hopes that we would soon see a flurry of in-world game project's spewing out of the woodwork. We did manage to get Linden Realms, witch was mildly amusing the first few times I tried it. But overall quite boring after several visit's.

    I have seen and experienced several IW games from the Mad Pea group, again there was no compelling reason for me to return.

    We now have the perfect CEO that can put all the stuff together in SL.

    Why is it taking so long ?

    I can not answer that question. But I believe it is because Rod understands the fact that any game, wither it be in SL or a stand-alone must have the one magical ingredient.

    Make you want to come back, and play again !

    How can the Lab accomplish this ?

    Well the First Step is an Upgrade of the Server Hardware.

    The Second Step Is to Upgrade the Client Software

    I think now that the New Hardware, and Client Software are being put into place, things will start to happen really fast.

    I have explored Open Sim, and a number of the various Grid's

    They are boring :(
    There is nothing happening there, Zero, Zip, Nadda !

     In other words, there is no compelling reason to return. Plain and simple.

     Will Rod Linden Save SecondLife ?

     Yes !!

     The man that was a fundamental force and chief designer of Sim City has got exactly what it takes in order to do the job !

JayR Cela :_)

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