Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SecondLife : ATI~AMD or Nvidia : Your Choice ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    OK Folk's the debate continue's, or does it ?

    ATI~AMD Video cards are a great deal for the buck $, but the fact remain's that for one reason or another, they just do not work with Open GL applications, including SecondLife !!!!

    So there is no choice when it comes to choosing a Video Card.

    ATI simply will not work with SL, plain and simple !

    Buy a Nvidia based card and you will not have a problem.

JayR Cela


Cosma Kanya said...

I want to sign this. ATI was/is/and will be a piece of crap!

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Cosma *Extra Bigg Huggs*

Yes AMD ! ATI is Garbage, at least as far as SecondLife is concearned.

I can deal with their CPU's but their graphic card's are complete trash.

JayR Cela