Friday, December 28, 2012

SecondLife : Walking Around With A Blurry Avatar : Bake Failure : FireStorm

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well ya know something has really been annoying me lately, and hopefully once this Project Sun Shine actually becomes a reality ( cross's fingers ) Bake Failure will be a distant memory.

     I'm telling ya it is just horrible lately, and to make matters worse. At least in the FireStorm viewer CTRL+ALT+R no longer exist's as a shortcut for re-baking your textures. 

     Ya gotta make sure you have the Advanced Menu options available and use your mouse to open that drop down menu  and select Rebake Textures. This has got to be one of the biggest blunders I have seen in a long time. Sadly since I am pretty much set in my stubborn ways, and use only FS as my main viewer for SL, I have not had the time to check out some of the other TPV's or LL's official V3, but the keyboard shortcut is GONE !!!!!!

    WTF !!!!! whose idiotic idea was that ??

JayR Cela :(


Cosma Kanya said...

Hi JayR

Thats true, the shortcut is not working anymore. Dorks!
But you have two other options to rebake:
1st, in the menuebar klick Avatar -> Avatar Health -> Force Appearance Update (Rebake)
2nd, and the easier way, rightclick your av and select Appearance -> Tex Refresh.

And yes I want the shortcut back too. But i guess its only a mistake from the maintainers and it will be back in the next release.

Greetings, cosma

Cosma Kanya said...

Hi, it's me again,

Just for the records:

Feel free to leave a comment there and vote for it ;-)

Greetings, Cosma

ps: these captchas driving me nuts

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Cosma

Thanks for the 2 comment's. I was talking with Jessica yesterday, the issue should be resolved in the next release of FS.

Sadly no one really knows when that will be. Apparently as it stands right now, until the LL server team is ready for the final switch over to Server Side Texture Baking, there's not much sense in releasing anything

That should be either the last week in February, or the first week in March.

Now that may be a different matter altogether for the Open Sim based FS Viewer.

JayR Cela :_)

Anonymous said...

Requiring the Advanced menu in order to rebake is in V1. Always has been. And initially, because Rebake was in the Develop menu in V2, you needed that open. But the Firestorm team did address that, and you no longer need the Advanced or Develop menu for nearly everything you want to do.

Server side baking is in the works, and we do have some good initial tests. But since the servers don't have it yet, there are no new viewers.

Once server-side baking hits the servers, EVERY viewer currently released will be obsolete. Rebake will hopefully be a thing of the past.