Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why Does Windows 7 Cost More Than Windows 8 ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

     So are you contemplating purchasing a new PC or upgrading your Operating System to Windows 8 ? Good Luck is all I can say. Window's 8 will more and likely go down in history as a HUGE Major Flop.

    As far as SecondLife or other Virtual Worlds are concerned, Win8 will work once you get past the horrible UI.

    But here is the point. MicroSoft is pulling Windows 7 from store shelves, and if you can still manage to buy it, crap it cost at least twice as much as Windows 8.

    In other words they can't even give it away.

    No one want's it !!

    Have you seen the MS Surface ? It's a complete joke !!! Totally worthless, unless all you plan to doing is run MS Office apps.

    Why would they put this piece of garbage on the market is beyond human comprehension. And still leave Windows 7 for sale at twice the price, but now MS is forcing retailers to pull all W7 distributions from the shelf.

     So what are ya gonna do ?

     Switch to Linux, or crack Windows 7 ?

     Changing to Linux is relatively easy, cracking Windows 7 and getting it activated is not all that hard either. There are several tools avaliable on the Web to crack a Win 7 OEM distro available, BTW ya cant crack the official Win7  ISO from MS, you will need to find a different distro, and be prepared to get blasted with some sort of virus.

    Legally I can not descride to you how to crack, install and activate Win 7, but I telling ya right now it's not all that hard.

     And by this time next year we will have Windows 8.x or 9

     Until then Windows 7 will cost you more than Windows 8

    And why is that ? It is because MS really screwed up. Windows 8 is a total turkey ! GARBAGE

JayR Cela

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