Sunday, May 19, 2013

Linden Lab's SecondLife Division : The Recent Third Party Virtual Currency Exchange Debate : Quick Positive Response : This Time

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Oh my God !! Quick response from The Lab ?

    In dealing with with the abrupt closure of external Virtual Currency  Exchanges. Not only was the problem fixed promptly, they actually kept all of the resident's informed as well.

    Finally some one over there at LL seem's to have gotten it !

    It's the CUSTOMER ( coughs ) ummm - err  Residents, Stupid ! We like to be informed.

    But all joking around aside, I myself was very happy to see the fact the Resident's were kept up to date two days in a row via the main SecondLife Web Page on May 17 and 18. The Lab effectively put to rest all the wild crazy panic and rumors being spread throughout the SL Blog-o-Sphere and related forums promptly.

    And they kept Us the Resident's up to date as well. It's about Damn Time !
Thank you. Linden Lab

Here are some direct links.  

There is also a Video available explaining things for you to view here.

Maintenance work done to their Exchange today is here.

A detailed list of currently approved V.C.E.'s here.$%29_Authorized_Reseller_Program

And an E-mail address  for V.C.E's to use in order to apply for approval, if they are not already.$%29_Authorized_Reseller_Program

This is the proper way to treat Customer's ( Resident's )

JayR Cela

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