Saturday, May 11, 2013

SecondLife : Virtual Currency : Abuse : Investigation's : The Lab Makes The Right Choice, For Now

By Avatar JayR Cela

   The past several day's I have read numerous, article's, post's ton's of stuff about LL releasing a new TOS

    I first came across it Tuesday the 7th, after a re-install of my operating systems and the FireStorm viewer, I have to admit I really screwed up thinking something was wrong and posting that when I was trying to log in with FS, I was getting The CoolVL normal TOS log in the first time, that was not the case. I must not of been wearing my glass's :_)

    The major change in the TOS deals with virtual currency, in other word's the L$ and how you purchase it. I can not blame The Lab for making this move. It make's sense, they are covering their ass. Any lawyer, as long as they are not half baked in the head, would tell ya the same thing.

    Currently, around the world many government's are trying to comprehend, and figure out just how to control Virtual World Currencies, the potential for money laundering in RL is a fact !

     My personal feeling at this point is LL made the right decision, just the way they did it really blew Huge Chunk's!! BIGG TIME !!!!!

    Years ago, oh let's say back in 2006 the main web page was very active, had a ton of content, and was a great place to go before you actually logged in with your avatar. It's not the same anymore. And in my mind has become almost worthless.

     #1 No notice was given, until the next day, and the link on the main SL web page was down; or overloaded.

    #2 It would be nice if professionalism, would override lack of communication to the resident's and fix the darn Main SL Home Page, get someone in there that can do daily update's as to what is happening, what's in the pipeline.

    Keep Us Informed, please.

JayR Cela :_)


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