Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CinnaMateStudio Linux : Building Your Own Part3 : Sabayon Version

By Avatar JayR Cela

    For this post I'm going to concentrate on ensuring most of the multimedia based plugins and lib files are included, then perform a routine system check and clean up. Both are relatively easy to do using the RIGO installer, along with the command line and can be very time consuming.

    Open RIGO and in the search bar type in




               Allegro then OpenGL and SDL, OpenCL
And a few other things will obviously need to be added later, hopefully once we start adding the individual A/V-Applications that process will be automatic.

    The main thing I want to stress at this point is to perform a cleanup routine. So open Konsole or better yet reboot and once Grub starts up select the Advanced options for Sabayon GNU/Linux, then Sabayon GNU/Linux, with Linux x86-3-xx.x-sabayon (recovery mode ) and get to the root # prompt. Type in these commands. ( disregard the hash mark # that is your Root prompt )

# equo update --force

# equo deptest

# equo libtest

# equo conf update

# equo cleanup 

    Ok now hit CTRL+D and the boot process will continue, if all went well you should be ready to install Cinnamon. Open Rigo, in the search bar just type in Cinnamon.

      Make sure all 11 Cinnamon modules are installed, log out and back into an incredibly ugly default Cinnamon Desktop. / LOL - I'm not kidding, it is Butt Ugly ! :_) I'll go through dressing it up in my next post.

     That's it for me today, but I will be back, thanks for reading.

JayR Cela :_)

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