Saturday, January 18, 2014

CinnaMateStudio Linux : Building Your Own : Part 4 : Sabayon Version

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I'm finally back on track with this series of post's delving into building your own working version of CinnaMateStudio, the past few days I have been toying around with Mint Linux 16, I'm defiantly planning on waiting until Mint 17 is released, but I can say this much putting together this platform on Mint is a whole lot easier than doing it on Sabayon. / LOL :_)

    So if ya still got the stomach for it, and have figured your way around Sabayon Linux, you have probably installed Cinnamon, booted into it and said, WHOO-Nelly !! what and the hell is this piece of crap, haa-haaa, the jokes on both of us, Cinnamon is a very user customization oriented desktop environment.  Ya just gotta know where to find stuff, and be willing to play around with it. You are also going to want to install Cairo Dock, and the complete version of Mono. For those of you that may not know Mono is a Linux cross platform equivalent version of Microsoft's .NET platform, sort of. Anyways your definitely gonna need to install that too. Open Rigo and in the search bar type in Mono
and install Mono2.10.x.x, Mono Basic 2.10, Mono Addins 0.x.x, Libgdiplus 2.10.x.x, and that ought to do it.

    Now you need to start playing around with the settings, here are some pictures of what you can expect to see. The ugly opening screen, ( seriously I don't know why this is the default, it's just plain ugly )

    So ya dress it up a bit by opening the Control Center. Select Themes, Get more online, then Other settings


    Myself I chose the Dark Cold theme, and for Other settings BlackMATE for the Controls, Fog for my Icon choice, and Menta-Black as my Window borders preference. This results in a nice Black, Blue, Grey combination I find quite easy on my aging eyesight capability to read things clearly, and it looks really Kool too. / LOL :_)

    I'm kinda loosing track here of what I am doing, eventually you should end up with a very customized desktop. Something like what I have shown in the past. It's just up to you. All this stuff is just cosmetic anyways, the real question is does it work ? Yes and No, as far a being very stable for an everyday desktop environment, I am using it daily, and slowly weening myself off of Windows 7, there are however a lot of back end plumbing issues I have yet to resolve dealing with Jack & QjackCTL. And that is just going to take time on my part trying to patch all this stuff together into a coherent User Interface. My original plans of a December 2013 alpha release were greeted with a number of unexpected setback's, but I'm still hanging in there, a more realistic attitude for this endeavor say's late 2014. Right now I need to update the official application bookmark html file, and start writing some coherent documentation, describing all this stuff and not only how it works, but how to use it, and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Haa-Haaa

Thanks for reading.

JayR Cela :_)

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