Monday, January 6, 2014

CinnamMateStudio Linux : Building Your Own Part2 : Sabayon Version

By Avatar JayR Cela

   I guess if your still reading my hair brained posts based on the CinnaMateStudio project for Linux, that's fantastic and I'm glad your still here reading this blog. As you know I'm using the Sabayon Flavor of my favotite OS and I see no reason the same can not be accomplished this with various other distributions as well. I grew up in the Linux world with a crap load of distro's before finannly settling on Ubuntu for a number of years, moved onto Mint and recently switched over to the Sabayon platform. It's a total love and hate relationship so far, but I enjoy the challenge.

    For my self I have found by starting off with a really basic X-window manager ( I choose FluxBox or FVWM-Crystal ) Both of them are very basic lightweight minimal environments, and are a great way to get a really clean install.

     Once I have made sure everything is up to date, I simply add Mate and Cinnamon, From that point on its all about customization, I know what I like, but that does not mean my preferences will appeal too, or suit everyone's needs. Hence Fluxbox, an almost pure command line access X-terninal a Web Browser and just about anything really necessary. ( as long as you feel comfortable with the Linux command line ) Add the Mate User Interface which is a minimalist  Gnome-2 fork ( it looks and act's pretty much the same as the original ) and with a bit of tweaking Mate's UI will use extremely low system resources, which is very kool, and functional, if not rather a bit of an ugly duckling, it can however be dressed up rather nicely. Then along comes Cinnamon and allows complete freedom and customization, it is defiantly a work in progress though. A temperamental and a bit quirky at times, is a fairly accurate description. Haa-Haaa, but what cutting edge software have you ever known not to be  ? /  :_)))))

    And Cinnamon is resource intensive, a dedicated PCI-e based Video card and possibly an SSD is best, but I have seen some of the AMD/ATI- APU based motherboards work just fine, and that's usually a matter of being able to Tweak the CORRECT Video Driver ! I have no experience with the current line up of Intel Graphics solutions, but my understanding is that they are quite good in some cases. Anyways, I generally stick with Intel as my #1 choice or AMD for the CPU, Gigabyte or Asus for the MB. Or if I just gonna buy a computer, I've had good luck with Dell. There is one thing I'm a stickler on though and that is Nvidia graphics. I've been using their stuff since the original G-Force and haven't looked back. ( except for a few squeaky cooling fan issues, a common problem on certain past 2nd tier brands of the chip-set product line up )

   I'm taking it for granted your still interested, so let's continue from where I left off  @

    If your catching up, there's a link, so anyways we got this far, and may as well see what we have :_)

    If you would care to continue, now would be a good time to open the RIGO GUI application installer, and add some extra stuff, its fairly simple to use, for right now just make sure to add any Mate or Cinnamon extra stuff that may have been missed ( skip the Development files for Mate - it will only cause problems )


    Now ya just gotta start playing around with the various control panel and user panel bars settings.

    You should have something that looks kinda like this.

    And eventually like this.

    Providing you have dual screen's that is :_)

    I guess the next step is to start installing all the Audio and Video plugins, and various software, all of which are easily accessible via the Sabayon Linux Rigo Installer.

    A relatively recent list as an HTML bookmark file can be obtained here @   It is a bit dated, but should suffice, for now.

    Well I gotta wrap up things for the night soon, but I will be back hopefully tomorrow with some more specific information, setting up Cinnamon and eventually I hope to do a Debian build and of course Linux-Mint as well, who knows perhaps even a Fedora project might slip in there. LOL / I'm having fun doing this, and I hope you will too.


JayR Cela :_)

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