Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SecondLife : Sad News For Me : Cristal Cove Estate's My SL Home For 6 Years Closing : Owners To Abandon Land :(

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I gotta say I have been expecting this for some time now, Cathy & mines home is SecondLife, Cristal Cove's owners will be abandoning their private island here. Actually I can not blame them one little bit, I have been watching people literally just abandoning SecondLife land holdings at an increasingly rapid rate the past year or so. I know I have. Why didn't I sell it, haa-haaa, try finding a buyer, it's not easy. I'm going to print the note card I received today from the islands owners.

Cathy, JayR, Nan,

It's been quite a ride, and quite a shame what Linden Lab has done to itself, crappy viewer, collapse of the real estate market- what business would tolerate piss poor group chat- so they all took off.  Destruction of the mentor program....

Cathy, I'll be returning the last payment you made on the house, thanks for the love and caring.  JayR, thanks for the friendship, it always came at the right time and I'll be forever grateful.
Nan, Kitty- it looks like you have abandoned the property for some time so I'll be leaving you with my best wishes for wherever life takes you.

The simulator will be abandoned in 3 days and 17 hours.
Please take whatever objects that are dear to you all- they may not make the return trip to your inventories.
Dragger ... (Will)

    Oh well, I agree with em, on all 4 statement's, Crappy Official LL-SL Viewer, Collapse of the SL Real Estate Market, and broken Group Chat ( the CHUI interface certainly did not make things any better, probably we are worse off now than before ) and killing off the SL Mentor program.

    And I'm gonna add one more thing, Tier is Too Damm High !!

    Cathy and I have called Cristal Cove Estate's our SL home for about 6 years, before that we bounced around from place to place our first 2 years together before settling down here.

JayR Cela :(

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