Thursday, February 27, 2014

SecondLife : Intel Graphic Chip-sets : A New Hope ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Well this should be good news for a lot of people, especially laptop users of Intel based product's. For a number of years now Intel the semi-conductor giant has been using their own integrated graphics chip sets, to much dismay for hapless Second-Lifers that happen to own said machine(s).

    It took em long enough, but the engineering team at Intel has finally bit the bullet, and introduced some new Graphic Drivers for their hardware, if what I have been reading is true you can expect a huge and I mean really huge improvement in performance.

    There is a gotcha though, this only works for select Celeron and Pentium's with the Haswell and Ivy Bridge architecture. If you are unsure, or just plain unaware of hardware issues all-together, you can use the Handy Dandy Intel Driver Update Utility for Graphic's located here.

    This should make a lot of people very happy indeed.

JayR Cela :_)

**Amended** Source info from Toms Hardware : The Authority on Tech **,26133.html

Sunday, February 23, 2014

SecondLife : 6 Months : Still No Word On Terms Of Service Disaster !! : New CEO Silent on Issue !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well I for one don't really care how nice, warm and fuzzy a guy Ebbe Linden the new SL CEO is, or that he has been reaching out to prominent SecondLife bloggers. He is still dodging the question of the SL TOS and ownership right's.

    I realize that the man has only been on the job for a couple of weeks, I don't care and neither should anyone else that has intentions of creating content in SL.

    Yea, yeah,yeah I've read all the poop scoop's on Ebbe Linden until the brown stuff is starting to leak out of my ears, where's my boot's the crap is getting deep.

    SecondLifes last reigning King. Rodvick Linden, kinda made a mess of things buying up Desura, and I am half tempted to believe the reason the SL TOS was changed to begin with was to enable and allow Indie Game Dev's free and total access to the vast amount of accumulated and now free to use textures that have been painstakingly developed by users in the world of SL.

    This does not surprise me, Mr. Humble headed up E.A. Studios for years, a company notorious for stealing idea's, buying up what could not be stolen and then silently squashing them internally. Actually it's a rather common practice in the software industry.

    I have been reading a number of blog's advocating to give this new guy "Ebbe Linden" more time to settle in. I do not agree with this opinion, the man was hired to clean up a monumental mess, I am not even about to get started on the crap load of incompatible RC SL Viewers spewing out of the download repositories.

    I am talking about restoring some faith and trust !

    Untill the TOS is amended, I have no Faith ~or~ Trust in Linden Lab or SecondLife.

JayR Cela

Friday, February 14, 2014

Windows XP : Dead End : Old Computer ? : Install An Ubuntu

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Ok all of the folks out there still running Windows XP, Haaa-Haaa, just kidding, You are going to have to do something soon. If your not in the mood to buy a new computer, I would say save all your stuff, pictures, music what ever to somewhere.

    ( a thumb drive is good / and they are cheap about $5 bucks for 4 or 8 gigs )

     Save that stuff and install LINUX / Haaaaa-Haaaaaa

    Look I'm gonna keep on saying, over and over again, ya gotta give Linux a try. There is nothing to be afraid of here in Linux land, it is just another Operating System.

JayR Cela :_)

SecondLife : So We Got A New CEO : Big Deal ! : Fix The TOS Problem Or Don't Bother Talking To Me

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ya know I really don't say much about SL anymore, for reasons of my own, nothing against the platform itself. But this crazy wording in the TOS that give's LL complete right's to anything and everything that you create in their world is complete bullshit !!

     Screw that crap / LOL :_)

     This is an issue that needs immediate attention, also while the new guy is at it how about just scrapping the gawd awful SL Viewer User Interface, what rock did ya pull this thing out from. It look's like CRAP, the CHUI interface for communications is the oddest thing I have ever run across in almost 30 years of being considered a computer geek. I mean come on, who is gonna use that screwball garbage ?

     The Lab itself has half a dozen viewers, in all sorts of development stages, things are so screwed up, how and the heck does anyone expect to keep track of all this stuff ?

     The Third Party Viewer Developers Are Your Only Hope !! 

JayR Cela :_)

P.S. : Good Luck there Ebbe, your gonna need it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Virtual Worlds : The Steam ( Machine ) - ( Box ) : Great Idea or Monumental Flop ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

     This is a mind boggling thing to even think about,. Valve the ultimate King of Streaming Game Play Content to the Mass's.

     Will it work, I sure hope so, for one reason and one reason alone !!!

    Linux needs good video drivers, those that are of the same quality as the one's released for the Win and OS-X platforms. About a year or so back Linus Torvolds gave Nvidia the Big Finger for their lack of driver support on the Linux platform. ATI, I have just about zero experience with the product line so I can not make any sort of judgement or even have a reference point besides my experiences with the Mackintosh OS-X environment / mostly all ATI, at least every thing I've ever run across, and they are all screamers as far as graphics are concerned. So What's The flicking problem here ???

    We need better Graphics drivers for Linux, and I Hope and Pray if anything good comes out of this crazy attempt to push Linux into the mainstream gaming arena, it's gonna be Valve, and the Steam Platform.

    I'm all for it. Go Steam !! Raa-Raa-Raa !! Lets us see some dust as you zoom down the road to the future of gaming.

    LOL / Just My Opinion

JayR Cela _)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sabayon Linux in 2014 : Rolling Back Your Kernel to Accommodate older graphics cards and chip-set's : It's Very Easy Now !

By Avatar JayR Cela

   Hey there everyone, If you have been following this Blog and series of post's and are actually using Sabayon Linux, you will be happy to discover that there is hope for folk's with older hardware, specifically older graphic's or ' Legacy ' integrated chip-sets or an older dedicated graphics card.

    It's easy now since the 14.1.x release of Sabayon via the RIGO  Application Groups app to change your Linux kernel, allowing you to achieve support for some older stuff you might just still be using,
 ( hopefully ) and it is relatively painless too.

    Open Rigo and click on the little reload button in the upper left hand corner.

    You then can get listings of both LTS and both past and present available kernels.

    So lets say for instance you have and older graphics card, or perhaps a really old AGP chipset that by the way is no longer being officially supported. ( The Linux World is very close to finally achieving  the dream of a Universal Video 3D accelerated graphics driver, that actually works ) It's now really easy to switch from one kernel to another. If that's the case for you, I will suggest choosing the 3.04 Generic Linux Kernel. Please keep in mind, there are a couple of minor gotcha's  !!

    #1 it's not a hot swap, you still need to go into the CLI and check a few things before proceeding, familiarity with the 'eselect' command is essential. After using Rigo to change your kernel, open a console and run your 'eselect' routine as root # , you will also want to use the 'equo' command in order to insure your version of Rigo & Entropy match one in other. It should look something like this.


#2 Using the eselect command, make sure everything match's, your bzimage, kernel, opencl, opengl and then check your equo version to make sure it match's as well.

 #3 You still need a reboot :(

Sorry about the reboot issue, as far as I know this is not a hot kernel swap, the only one I know of with that capability is the upcoming SUSE Enterprise release.

JayR Cela :_)