Sunday, February 23, 2014

SecondLife : 6 Months : Still No Word On Terms Of Service Disaster !! : New CEO Silent on Issue !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well I for one don't really care how nice, warm and fuzzy a guy Ebbe Linden the new SL CEO is, or that he has been reaching out to prominent SecondLife bloggers. He is still dodging the question of the SL TOS and ownership right's.

    I realize that the man has only been on the job for a couple of weeks, I don't care and neither should anyone else that has intentions of creating content in SL.

    Yea, yeah,yeah I've read all the poop scoop's on Ebbe Linden until the brown stuff is starting to leak out of my ears, where's my boot's the crap is getting deep.

    SecondLifes last reigning King. Rodvick Linden, kinda made a mess of things buying up Desura, and I am half tempted to believe the reason the SL TOS was changed to begin with was to enable and allow Indie Game Dev's free and total access to the vast amount of accumulated and now free to use textures that have been painstakingly developed by users in the world of SL.

    This does not surprise me, Mr. Humble headed up E.A. Studios for years, a company notorious for stealing idea's, buying up what could not be stolen and then silently squashing them internally. Actually it's a rather common practice in the software industry.

    I have been reading a number of blog's advocating to give this new guy "Ebbe Linden" more time to settle in. I do not agree with this opinion, the man was hired to clean up a monumental mess, I am not even about to get started on the crap load of incompatible RC SL Viewers spewing out of the download repositories.

    I am talking about restoring some faith and trust !

    Untill the TOS is amended, I have no Faith ~or~ Trust in Linden Lab or SecondLife.

JayR Cela


Jeremy said...


SL has problems and I think a handful of bloggers are doing a disservice to the general resident population by not being clear that we have serious expectations on a variety of issues.

We need more than an invitation-only blogger circle jerk before the new CEO quietly mutes us behind the LL wall with our personal and monetary investments.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Jeremy

Thanks for reading, and posting your view.

JayR :_)