Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Virtual Worlds : The Steam ( Machine ) - ( Box ) : Great Idea or Monumental Flop ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

     This is a mind boggling thing to even think about,. Valve the ultimate King of Streaming Game Play Content to the Mass's.

     Will it work, I sure hope so, for one reason and one reason alone !!!

    Linux needs good video drivers, those that are of the same quality as the one's released for the Win and OS-X platforms. About a year or so back Linus Torvolds gave Nvidia the Big Finger for their lack of driver support on the Linux platform. ATI, I have just about zero experience with the product line so I can not make any sort of judgement or even have a reference point besides my experiences with the Mackintosh OS-X environment / mostly all ATI, at least every thing I've ever run across, and they are all screamers as far as graphics are concerned. So What's The flicking problem here ???

    We need better Graphics drivers for Linux, and I Hope and Pray if anything good comes out of this crazy attempt to push Linux into the mainstream gaming arena, it's gonna be Valve, and the Steam Platform.

    I'm all for it. Go Steam !! Raa-Raa-Raa !! Lets us see some dust as you zoom down the road to the future of gaming.

    LOL / Just My Opinion

JayR Cela _)

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